Stephanie Beatriz 'Would Die' to Play 'She-Hulk' in Upcoming Disney+ Series (Exclusive)

Stephanie Beatriz is ready to go GREEN for the Marvel Universe!

Stephanie Beatriz is ready to go GREEN for the Marvel Universe.

After the MCU-set She-Hulk series was announced at D23 last month, online fan-castings and support quickly poured out for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star to take on the titular role -- and she's in! 

“I would die to play that role,” Beatriz told ET’s Brice Sander at NBC’s Comedy Starts Here event on Monday night. “That is so flattering. That is one of the best characters in that universe.” 

Not only has Beatriz heard the online musings about her taking on She-Hulk, she might have started a bit of training for the role -- you know, just in case. 

“I definitely have upped my workouts since reading some of those things,” said Beatriz, adding, “But also, [I think it would] be really exciting for fans to see some of these characters that we kind of decided are one thing, to sort of be imagined in a different way.” 

A fan-favorite character introduced in the ‘80s, Jennifer Walters is both Hulk and lawyer. In the comics, she acquires a version of Hulk abilities after an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner. 

Before we get too deep in the rabbit hole of potential Marvel castings, Beatriz is gearing up for the seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, returning to NBC mid-season. 

“I think what's going to be surprising is how much funny we can fit into each episode,” Beatriz said of the new season. “I think seven seasons in, with an ensemble that's really tight, with writers -- a head writer and show-runner, Dan Goor, who is incredible and so smart and funny, I think you're gonna get the most intense version of the show that you've ever seen.”


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