Taron Egerton Shares Coolest Story About Friendship With Elton John (Exclusive)

Taron Egerton, Elton John
Dominique Charriau/WireImage

The actor also discussed a recent performance with John at another iconic singer's home.

You've definitely made it in Hollywood when Elton John is calling you up just to say hello.

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with Taron Egerton on the red carpet of the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, where he discussed his close friendship with the legendary singer.

"He called me when I was in the car on the way here. Yeah…it's like, the things I love about my friendship with him aren't really anything to do with the fact that he's Elton John," he explained. "I just, I love him as a person. Of course, occasionally there are moments I'm like, 'Oh my god, I sat in Elton John's kitchen,' but most of the time I try and not think about it because I don't feel like our friendship is about me hero-worshipping him. Of course, it is a little bit."

At the awards show, Egerton received the Hollywood Breakout Actor Award for his portrayal of John in the biopic, Rocketman, and the 29-year-old leading man explained that John had called to offer his best wishes on the achievement.

"I think 'Congratulations. I'm so sorry I'm not there,'" Egerton relayed of the phone call. "He said, 'David [Furnish, John's husband] is already there, which he was right about 'cause he's over there, and yeah, he said, 'Call me tomorrow and let me know how it went.'"

Although Egerton said he doesn't sing with John at his home when they are spending time together, he did off-handedly mention a recent performance that had to be cherished by attendees.

"We did perform 'Tiny Dancer' with Brandi Carlisle in Joni Mitchell's living room a couple weeks ago," he said, before jokingly lamenting, "I know, that was more name-dropping than anyone can handle."

Egerton also mentioned a fellow celeb he was dying to meet at the awards show -- Oscar-winner Al Pacino.

"[He's] someone who I have watched and admired, like most people in my profession, for many, many years," the 29-year-old stated. "I also saw The Irishman as well and he's astonishing, so yeah, I'm hoping to meet him."

When asked about the possibility of being nominated for an Academy Award alongside Pacino and/or fellow Irishman star Robert De Niro, Egerton replied: "To indulge the idea too much is to tempt fate, so I'm not going to… You know, those guys are the masters, so to be even in the same room as them is an incredible honor."

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