'The Bachelor': Meet the 30 Women Competing for Peter Weber's Heart

The ABC dating series returns with a three-hour premiere on Monday, Jan. 6.

It's time to meet the women who will be vying for Peter Weber's heart. 

ABC unveiled a list of 33 women who could be competing on the upcoming season of The Bachelor on Sept. 17 -- before they had even announced Weber as the season's lead. As host Chris Harrison revealed on Monday, however, three of those women have been cut, leaving just 30 to meet Weber on night one. 

In addition to revealing the women, Harrison also shared which of them gets the first date and first kiss, as well as who Peter thinks is one of the best kissers in the group.

Meet the women below: 

Alayah Benavidez, 24

ABC/Randy Holmes

According to Harrison, "maybe the wildest roller coaster ride of the entire season" centers around Miss Texas 2019. "Something we've never had happen before on the history of the show happens to Alayah," Harrison teased. "Definitely someone to watch."

Alexa Caves, 27

ABC/Randy Holmes

The body waxer has "easily the best hair," according to Harrison, and is "very reserved, yet incredibly outrageous."

Avonlea Elkins, 27

ABC/Randy Holmes

The Texas native, who is a cattle rancher and model, is "more reserved than you might expect," Harrison noted.

Courtney Perry, 26

ABC/Randy Holmes

The franchise host teased that the Florida-based cosmetologist is responsible for a good number of aviation and pilot-centered jokes and puns throughout the season.

Deandra Kanu, 23

ABC/Randy Holmes

A healthcare coordinator, Harrison teased that Deandra has "very expressive eyes [and] facial reactions," which is "something you're going to want to watch this season."

Eunice Cho, 23

ABC/Randy Holmes

The Chicago-based flight attendant has one major problem with her job -- she doesn't like to fly! 

Hannah Ann Sluss, 23

ABC/Randy Holmes

Bachelor alum Hannah Godwin recommended the Knoxville, Tennessee-based model to the show and, according to Harrison, "she ended up in the middle of absolutely everything."

Jade Gilliland, 26

ABC/Randy Holmes

This "smart, driven" Mesa, Arizona-based flight attendant is currently working toward getting her private pilot license. 

Jasmine Nguyen, 25

ABC/Randy Holmes

A client relations manager, Jasmine apparently has a memorable limo entrance when she "comes out of the limo, firing Vietnamese at Peter" and, when it's translated, "it's aggressive... it's just dirty," Harrison said with a laugh.

Jenna Serrano, 22

ABC/Randy Holmes

The "bold, funny, Illinois nurse comes on strong from the start," Harrison said. The host also teased that Jenna arrives at the mansion with another lady to "utterly ridiculous" results.

Katrina Badowski, 28

ABC/Randy Holmes

A pro sports dancer with "more personality than she knows what to do with," Katrina has "probably the best intro to the season," which, Harrison said, is "very aggressive."

Kelley Flanagan, 27

ABC/Randy Holmes

The Chicago-based attorney "knows how to work the game" and "finds loopholes to her advantage," Harrison teased. Additionally, it turns out that Kelley and Peter randomly met prior to the show, which, Harrison said, "kind of becomes a thing night one when everyone starts to find out."

Kelsey Weier, 28

ABC/Randy Holmes

A former Miss Iowa, Kelsey now works as a professional clothier and is, according to Harrison, "one of the most emotional women in the cast." The host also teased Champagnegate 2019, which is "the most ridiculous thing."

Kiarra Norman, 23

ABC/Randy Holmes

The Georgia-based nanny "impressed" Harrison with her night one entrance by putting "her life in danger." Kiarra goes on, Harrison said, to become both a favorite in the house and "one of Peter's favorites" as well.

Kylie Ramos, 26

ABC/Randy Holmes

An entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, Kylie makes a memorable limo entrance -- that's complete with a windmill reference.

Lauren Jones, 26

ABC/Randy Holmes

The marketing executive, Harrison said, becomes "the envy of almost every woman on the show night one."

Lexi Buchanan, 26

ABC/Randy Holmes

Lexi, a marketing coordinator from New York, "really impresses Peter" night one with her "cool" limo entrance, Harrison said. 

Madison (Madi) Prewett, 23

ABC/Randy Holmes

The Auburn, Alabama-based foster parent recruiter with "a heart of gold" gets the very first one-on-one date, Harrison revealed.

Maurissa Gunn, 23

ABC/Randy Holmes

A teen pageant queen who now works as a patient care coordinator, Maurissa is open about her past struggle with body image throughout the show.

Megan Hops, 26

ABC/Randy Holmes

A flight attendant, Megan knows another contestant this season, Eunice, as they both work for the same airline.

Mykenna Dorn, 22

ABC/Randy Holmes

The Canadian is a self-described "fashion blogger and acne survivor" who "wears her heart on her sleeve." Harrison also teased that he's "never seen a woman whose face reflected the true agony of being the last rose recipient of the night."

Natasha Parker, 31

ABC/Randy Holmes

The New York City-based event planner, Harrison said, has "a sharp tongue, and even sharper wit." The host also teased that Natasha coined the phrase "cats and rats," which will, apparently, be used a lot this season in reference to in-house shenanigans. 

Payton Moran, 23

ABC/Randy Holmes

"Windmill reference alert," Harrison quipped of the business development rep, who, he said, is "the life of every party."

Sarah Coffin, 24

ABC/Randy Holmes

The Knoxville, Tennessee-based medical radiographer is "a favorite from the start," according to Harrison, who becomes a house favorite by cooking elaborate meals, as well as a "favorite of Peter's."

Savannah Mullins, 27

ABC/Randy Holmes

Following her "bold" limo entrance, the Houston-based realtor is the very first woman to kiss Peter this season, Harrison teased.

Shiann Lewis, 27

ABC/Randy Holmes

A "favorite of the entire crew," the Las Vegas-based administrative assistant has a meaningful nickname, Harrison said.

Sydney Hightower, 24

ABC/Randy Holmes

After starting off "sweet and soft-spoken," the former high school classmate of Hannah Brown pulls no punches while discussing what's on her mind this season, Harrison said. "A certain Bachelor I also know said that she may be one of the best kissers in the group," Harrison teased of Peter.

Tammy Ly, 24

ABC/Randy Holmes

A house flipper with six jobs, Tammy wrestled for the boys' team in high school.

Victoria Fuller, 25

ABC/Randy Holmes

The medical sales rep from Virginia Beach is "the most everything," according to Harrison, and experiences a bunch of Bachelor firsts throughout her time on the show.

Victoria Paul, 27

ABC/Randy Holmes

A nurse from Louisiana, Harrison described Victoria as "strong [and] independent." She's "quick with her emotions and maybe a little quick with the 'L' word," Harrison teased.

ET debuted Weber's first official Bachelor promo on Nov. 13, which featured a big nod to his time in the windmill with Bachelorette Hannah Brown. 

"I don't know. It was a memorable moment, I think, for everyone," Brown confessed to ET of seeing the clip. "So, they had to put it in the promo."

As for the advice Brown would give Weber about what questions to ask his final women as he wraps up filming, the blonde beauty said it's "really hard for me to give." Her own season ended in a failed engagement to Jed Wyatt after she discovered he had a girlfriend back home during filming. 

"I think it's just taking those moments to really get to know the person without the cameras and to make sure that you're really vulnerable and honest with each other," she said. "Just because the show has ended, your life is still starting, and to really get to know what you're in and be able to make confident decisions for yourself moving forward too."

"Just because the show ends, doesn't mean that's the ending. You really need to understand what your relationship is, and I hope that his is a fairy tale and something he's always been looking for," she added. 

The Bachelor returns with a three-hour premiere on Monday, Jan. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.