Hannah Brown Reacts to Her Windmill Being Featured in Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' Promo (Exclusive)

There are worse things to be haunted by than a windmill. 

There are worse things to be haunted by than a windmill. 

Hannah Brown's time in her windmill fantasy suite with Peter Weber became a big focus of her season of The Bachelorette -- and if the first Bachelor promo is any indication, it looks like it might continue to be a theme for Weber. 

While speaking with ET's Lauren Zima after Monday's episode of Dancing With the Stars, Brown reacted to the Bachelor promo, which ET debuted last week. 

"I don't know. It was a memorable moment, I think, for everyone," she confessed. "So, they had to put it in the promo."

Fans couldn't believe it when Brown revealed on her Bachelorette season that she and Weber had had sex twice in the windmill on their fantasy suite date; that shock was only surpassed when the former pageant queen admitted on her finale that it was actually four times. Weber's parents awkwardly and adorably cheered in the audience. The pilot was named our next Bachelor in September, and now he's wrapping up filming on his season. 

As for the advice Brown would give Weber about what questions to ask his final women, the blonde beauty said it's "really hard for me to give." Her own season ended in a failed engagement to Jed Wyatt, after she discovered he had a girlfriend back home during filming. 

"I think it's just taking those moments to really get to know the person without the cameras and to make sure that you're really vulnerable and honest with each other," she said. "Just because the show has ended, your life is still starting, and to really get to know what you're in and be able to make confident decisions for yourself moving forward too."

"Just because the show ends, doesn't mean that's the ending. You really need to understand what your relationship is, and I hope that his is a fairy tale and something he's always been looking for," she added. 

Brown addressed her breakup with Wyatt on Monday's DWTS ahead of her performance to Selena Gomez's "Lose You to Love Me." The 25-year-old got emotional recalling her heartbreak, but said she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. 

"I feel like when you kind of put yourself out the way I did, it's really vulnerable," she told ET, noting that her split "gets brought up all the time, and [I] want to move forward and get past it." 

"I feel like that dance was a way for me, in my heart and for myself, to be like, 'This is gone, and now it's me.' And I think moving forward, I'm always going to be asked about my experience and the men that were there, but it's like, this was a way for me, not just for myself, but for the rest of America that's watched my journey, to know that I'm good," Brown said. "And I am OK, because all that needed to be put behind me so I could become an empowered woman and continue my story."

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more on Brown in the video below.