'The Bachelorette': Everything We Know About Hannah Brown's Two-Night Finale

It'll be a 'historic' two-night event.

Hannah Brown's journey as The Bachelorette is coming to an end. 

The 24-year-old beauty queen started her season off with 30 men at the Bachelor mansion, but come Monday's episode, she'll be left with just three: Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt. 

The Bachelor franchise is no stranger to dramatic finales, but with two out of Brown's final three men having off-camera ex-girlfriend drama, it's sure to be an interesting night. Last month, Wyatt's ex, Haley Stevens, came forward claiming that she and Wyatt were in a relationship when he went off to film the show. She alleged to ET that Wyatt planned to continue dating her when he returned, and claimed that he only planned to make the top five in Brown's season to gain name recognition for his music career. 

Then, earlier this month, an ex-girlfriend of Weber's, Calee Lutes, claimed to ET that the pilot had ended their serious relationship to appear on the show. She said he "betrayed" her. Both Weber and Wyatt will get a chance to speak out on the allegations during Brown's two-night finale. 

The finale will also see Brown hand out her final rose, and possibly see one man get down on one knee. And immediately following each episode, ET's Lauren Zima will be live on ET Live to break down every twist and turn.

Now, here's everything we know about the upcoming conclusion: 

It'll Be Historic 

Host Chris Harrison teased during Brown's Men Tell All that her finale would be "historic" -- a word that seems to hold more weight than "dramatic," the usual buzz word to describe the season's wrap-up. 

"I know what happened in Greece, clearly. I was there. I don't know what's going to happen on the two-night live finale," he said. "There's a lot of questions to be answered with all these guys."

Jed Wyatt Will Be 'Pushed' 

Harrison is determined to hear Wyatt out -- and isn't afraid to "push" him for an explanation on everything Stevens claimed about their alleged relationship. 

"Clearly there's been a lot of accusations, been a lot of things said about Jed... I wanna hear him talk. I wanna hear him answer some questions and there are a lot of things that need to be said and I'm gonna push him, but I wanna have that conversation," Harrison told ET at Men Tell All. "But there are a lot of things that remain to be solved as we head into this two-night finale."

There's "not much of a question" that the host wants to ask. He just wants "perspective." "I want his say. You know, there's always three sides to the truth." 

Harrison made it clear that he hasn't dug too deep into Wyatt's situation. "I'm not going into this believing Haley. I'm not going into this believing Jed. I don't have a horse in this race… my horse is the truth," he said on Bachelor Party. 

"Before we indict Jed, before we throw him in prison, before we stone him, let's let him speak, and he has not had a chance to speak on his behalf. I will say that part of what she said is true -- he came on the show to promote his career. He admitted that," he noted. "[It's] not shocking where this may have ended up, but he was as honest as anybody I've ever seen [when he admitted he came on the show to promote his music]. Where it goes from there? It's up to him."

And So Will Peter Weber 


"Peter is going to have a little explaining to do," Harrison added of letting Weber say his peace at After the Final Rose. "I know more about Peter, just because I did some digging. Because some allegations were made in her claims that had to do with us and casting, so I was just curious so I asked around," Harrison explained. "In that regard, I'm less worried and less intrigued about Peter's situation. Because I know some truths that either I'll explain or Peter will explain."

"Peter's ex… has her version… it might be her truth, because that's her perspective of being broken up with is you're hurt and you didn't see this coming. Maybe he did," Harrison offered. "I just want to give Peter a chance to talk, because I know some things… and maybe she didn't know. That's the thing too, and if she doesn't know the truth about it, it may have looked crazy to her, or may have seemed crazy."

"But I know it's kind of more funny than anything, about him and how he was approached by the show, how he was cast on the show, the timing of it all. So I have facts on that that I'm not worried about at all for Peter," he continued. "I'm not too worried about Peter. I will just say there's less of a gray area for me here, as far as Peter is concerned. Jed, I just don't know the situation as well." 

Hannah Fell in Love With 2 Men 


The show's "historic" nature could refer to the fact that Harrison also revealed on the Bachelor Party podcast that Brown fell for more than one man. "She definitely, probably, had serious love for two of them -- maybe three, but definitely two," he said. 

Having to choose between two men she was in love with caused Brown to have a breakdown on the way to what the Bachelorette crew calls the "proposal site." Harrison said he heard over the walkie talkie, "Hannah just fell down... Cary [Fetman, the stylist], are you there? We may need your help. Dress is ripped. Hannah is hurt. Hannah might be bleeding." 

"She was in heels, she needed some air. Obviously she's about to make the biggest, most important decision of her life. I think the world was closing in on her," Harrison said. 

"I wasn't there at that moment… you see Bill, one of our producers, who is with her at all times, he was running in. It's not a good thing. And the poor girl had been through enough," he added. 

But a Proposal Wasn't Guaranteed 



Harrison told ET just head of Brown's finale filmed that he wasn't sure if this time around, the show would end in a proposal. In fact, he teased it might be a "bumpy finish." 

"I wish I could guarantee [a proposal], but I cannot deliver…  I don't know, I would love to be able to do my job and deliver this, but I don't know if we're going to," he said during a sit-down interview in May. "It might be a bumpy finish."

Shortly after the finale, Brown admitted to ET that the decision of whether or not to get engaged was a tough one for her to make. 

"If I don't feel like I can give everything to a person and that it was really true, I won't [get engaged]. And it's really hard to feel that way when you have to compartmentalize relationships," Brown explained. "You get set back when things go wrong, and I had a lot of breakdowns. It was a really hard time."

"I knew it was going to be hard, but not as hard as it was," she added.  "And just emotionally, physically -- you think it's gonna hit one part where it's like, 'OK, that was the hardest thing.' And then it's like, 'OK, again? When is it gonna get easier?'" 

"It was truly the hardest thing. I didn't want to let other people down, but I didn't want to let myself down," she shared. 

We'll find out how things end when Brown's season finale airs, on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. ET's live Bachelorette finale coverage starts at 10:05 p.m. ET / 7:05 p.m. PT on ET Live, which you can stream on your RokuApple TV or Amazon Fire TV device.

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