Tiffani Thiessen Shares the Importance of Family Dinners and How Cutting Down on Alcohol Has Changed Her Body

Tiffani Thiessen
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Tiffani Thiessen sat down with ET at the L.A. Times Food Bowl and shared how she encourages her kids to try new foods and more tips.

Family fun! Tiffani Thiessen sat down with ET at the L.A. Times Food Bowl Backlot Brunch Night Market event on Sept. 24 at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California, and revealed how delicious meals bring her family together.

The actress, who shares daughter Harper, 12, and son, Holt, 7, with husband Brady Smith, said that her children can be particular about their food choices, but that doesn't stop her from encouraging them to taste new dishes.

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"This is the time that I actually see my kids start to try a few things. My husband tried to get them to eat crickets or grasshoppers, but that wasn't going to happen," the Here We Go Again: Recipes and Inspiration to Level Up Your Leftovers author exclaimed. 

"They've gone through different stages. … My daughter was super picky, but she's much more adventurous as she's gotten older. Holt is probably a little more adventurous than Harper, but then gets stuck in his ways. We try to push through that," she added. 

To do so, the Saved by the Bell star says including her children in the kitchen is key.

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"I try to get the kids to decide if they want to do a taco night or a pizza night. … I think they're better off knowing and when they're involved, they're excited, and then they'll eat it," she noted.

"We try to have family dinners almost every night, except for the nights that my husband doesn't want to do dishes. That's his job," Thiessen joked.

When it comes to her own preferences, Thiessen lives by the 80% nutritious and 20% indulgent food rule.

"It's all about balance. I mean, truly, it's my keyword. I have it tattooed on my arm," she spilled.

Other than keeping her diet healthy, the 49-year-old also tries to carve out time for herself, but admits it can be difficult. 

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"That's probably the one balance that I generally am having a hard time with. I have massive internal guilt about wanting to get things done and wanting to provide for my family that sometimes I forget myself," she shared.

When she does fit in self-care practices, Thiessen relies on wellness activities that make her feel her best. 

"I've been doing cold plunging for a while and I'm pretty obsessed with it, so that's been my new thing. I also really cut back down on the alcohol. It's been something that's really changed my body and my head. I feel so much better," she said.