TikTok Star Noah Beck Says Dixie D'Amelio Was His First True Love

Beck opened up on Lewis Howes' podcast 'The School of Greatness.'

Noah Beck is opening up about a past relationship. While appearing on the School of Greatness podcast, the 22-year-old TikTok star told host Lewis Howes that his ex, Dixie D'Amelio, was his first true love.

While talking about what made it so challenging navigating their very public relationship, Noah shared that getting into a relationship at 19 when all eyes are on you ultimately proved to be difficult.

"Everyone has their first true love, and she was mine," Noah said. "I think everyone’s experience is different. But I think the way ours trickled down was just so bizarre and so unique -- you like a girl, you start dating her. You’re 19 years old. This is a normal thing. You’d be in college, you’re going to school, you’re holding her bags. You’re doing that stuff."

"Whereas like this time it’s like, ‘Hey, do you want to hang out today? Like, no I have a photo shoot or no I’m shooting a music video or this, that,'" he continued. "There’s so many factors to it. I don’t know, I could go on and on about what makes a breakup hard."

Noah and Dixie -- who have a combined 86 million followers on TikTok and 31 million followers on Instagram -- announced their split back in November 2022, and mere months after ET spoke with Dixie about her "complicated" relationship with Noah. She also addressed rumors even back then that they were no longer together.

"We are together, but keeping it offline," she said of their relationship status at the time. "Obviously, it does make things more complicated keeping things offline, but at the end of the day there’s so much back-and-forth of trying to build a career and trying to figure out if we're even happy."

@doahspickle I just wish them both all the happiness in life, they’re both such amazing and lovely people🫶🏼 @noah beck @dixie #foryou #noahbeck #dixiedamelio #breakup ♬ original sound - <3

The 21-year-old D'Amelio Show star told ET that handling her public relationship with Noah was one of the "toughest parts of my life" because "at the end of the day we both want to be our own people as well."

Noah, who had previously gone on the record to say he wanted to marry Dixie, shared why he was so sure about making such a statement while explaining the complexities of their relationship.

"My mom always told me I thought a lot with my heart. I’m a logical thinker as well, but I think when you’re blinded by love it’s like, there’s that hope. I think what I had with her, I held on to any bit of hope. I love hard. I love deeply," he said. "I dedicated a lot of my time to being the best boyfriend I could be to her. The bond was strong. That’s not to toot my own horn or anything. I’m very confident in the way we were together. Things just ... it’s life. Things don’t last always and things aren’t forever. I still have so much love for her."

"And it’s just one of those things where we both have stuff to figure out and we both have a lot of growing to do because I think us hopping in that relationship -- and relationship aside -- I think us having the careers that we do now has stunted a lot of things that would have ... I don’t know," he continued. "I think it stunted a lot of things that like a normal 19-year-old should have experienced. Like, she never went to college, for example. So, in school years, I was ahead of her one year. I had a bit of a college experience whereas she was gonna go to Alabama and get that experience. She never had it. [She] went right to Hollywood. It’s intense."

Earlier this month, Noah took to his Instagram Story and posted video of himself dancing with a performer, who looked into his eyes and said on the mic, "I know you're gay, just go for it," which elicited screams from the crowd. And Noah laughed, too. When he posted the video on his Story, it was overlayed with the text, "Sound On."

While on the Zach Sang Show, Noah addressed the video, saying it was at a burlesque show in the Bahamas for a joint birthday trip.

"To be fair, the lady that was performing or hosting, whatever, she was great. Her stage work was amazing," Noah said. "We had a great time. And like, she came for every single one of us with saying stuff. There was like a gut feeling as soon as we sat down in those seats, I was like, 'I feel like I just got sat down in this seat where she pulls from.' I had a gut feeling I was gonna get on that stage one way or another. And then next thing you know, like 30 minutes later, show's going on and she's singing a song. She grabs my hand, pulls me up and then, next thing you know I'm onstage."

Noah went on to say he posted the video because he thought it was funny. He added that he knew it would spark a conversation but he didn't think anything of it, only that he thought it was a funny video, especially because he danced for only about a minute before he tried to slip away.

"I know that's been kind of a topic that people seem to kind of bring up with me," said Noah about his sexuality. "But, I don't know, I thought it was funny to throw it out there."