Kat Graham Previews A 'Powerful' Turn of Events


This has been an interesting season of The Vampire Diaries for Bonnie Bennett, who, despite factoring into the overall year-long mystery of finding the cure for vampirism, has been segregated from the main characters as she works on harnessing her magic.

But according to Kat Graham, Bonnie is about to come into focus in a big way as she not only regains full control over her powers, but could potentially use them for with potentially polarizing effects!

ETonline: Hey Kat, how's it going?

Kat Graham: Good, I'm driving from Cleveland, Ohio to Detroit to visit some radio stations and meeting a few fans, hanging out with some locals.

ETonline: Congrats on the Wanna Say music video? You look amazing in it!

Graham: Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you, because you remember my terrible videos [laughs]. We won't talk about those, but I'm really proud of this. From the director to the choreography to the track, I think everyone did a killer job!

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ETonline: Logistically, how did you work on the song and the video while shooting The Vampire Diaries?

Graham: It just kind of works. The show doesn't go around my music schedule -- I don't even ask to get cleared most of the time because the show has such a grueling schedule. But, I'm actually not in episode 416, the episode they're shooting now, and they had scheduled to release the video on January 18, and I wrapped on January 17 by coincidence. Sheer blessing, total fate.

ETonline: I feel like Bonnie's had a lighter workload this season; did that help at all?

Graham: You know what’s funny, we're on episode 17, and for me, it might have been light in the beginning, but this episode [off] has been a godsend. I haven't had any days off in forever -- it gets really Bonnie heavy this season, and you'll see some crazy, crazy Bonnie stuff. I always tell Julie [Plec, executive producer], you have to write what you're inspired to write. I think she's got a better hold on the show than anyone and she's been very inspired to write all this incredible stuff recently -- and it shows. This show can't be forced, it's so smooth and there's such huge storylines coming up.

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ETonline: And Bonnie's dad is now the Mayor!

Graham: It's funny, the fans have no problem writing Julie or me or Mark Pedowitz [president of The CW] to let us know what they see for the character [laughs]. They are not shy with their opinions and they've always wanted to see Bonnie's dad. So it's been really cool ... I think I'm the only character on the show with both her parents still alive! Who'd have thought that!

ETonline: Yeah, well, she might not be for long; I feel like being the mayor of Mystic Falls is one of the most dangerous jobs in television!

Graham: Yeah, but Julie can break her own rules. When people start to think they're figuring out The Vampire Diaries, it switches on you. Caroline Dries [a TVD writer] said something pretty amazing to me -- she said, if we give the audience everything they want, they won't watch the show because there will be nothing for them to wait for. You can get them excited about something they really want by giving them a bit of it. So you almost don't want to give the audience everything they want, and I love that the audience can't figure us out. They don't know how grand the show is going to get this season. I mean, it's huge, epic episodes every week.

ETonline: Would you say that all the lessons with Professor Shane are leading to a revelation for Bonnie?

Graham: Oh yeah. Big time. One thing about Vampire Diaries is they plant these seeds that sometimes we as actors don't even know about ... by the end of this season, who Bonnie becomes, has everything to do with all those scenes in Shane's office. He has a huge impact on who she becomes. It's important to pay close attention and not miss an episode. The lines get blurred and allegiances get blurred. You have all these paradoxes and total opposites working together for the benefit of a common goal.

ETonline: Looking ahead, what are you excited for the fans to see with Bonnie this season?

Graham: So much crazy Bonnie stuff is coming up. I'm excited that, if Bonnie makes any turn as to who she is and what she's about, I'm excited to know that a lot of fans will come with her. I'm excited for them to grow with Bonnie and excited for them to see what Bonnie can do. For so long, this was a character who was never at her full power. She was always losing it and then getting some of it back ... she's struggled with finding herself as a witch and finding herself in her power. So I'm excited for the fans to see all the cool stuff this character is capable of once she really gets a grasp on that power and finds out what she's really capable of.

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