Exclusive First Look: 'Vampire Diaries' Goes 80s


Last week's The Vampire Diaries ended with a bang (quite literally) as Stefan, fresh off delivering Elena biggest verbal blow in show history, moved on with a hot Rebekah romp!

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And as you can see from ETonline's exclusive first look photo, the two continue to get closer in this week's all-new episode, titled A View To A Kill. In fact, the ep sees Stefan showering Rebekah with his signature sweetness after Mayor Hopkins cancels the high school's 1980s Decade Dance and he finds a charming way to make it up to his disappointed dame.

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But it won't be all neon lights and scrunchies for Stefekah (is that a thing?) as Klaus once again comes between the two when Rebekah refuses to help her brother stop Kol and he turns to Stefan for help.

Check out a sneak peek below!

The Vampire Diaries
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