Emotional 'Little Couple': Will's First Surgery


Although Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold's adopted son Will, who is also afflicted with dwarfism, has enjoyed a healthy, happy life, the 3-year-old will have to go under the knife as a result of complications having to do with his condition in tomorrow night's episode of The Little Couple, and the new parents are trying their best to keep it together in the days leading up to his surgery.

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"I was nauseated at the idea that I had to do this to him," says Bill, who also reveals he was overcome with tears at times thinking about the possible bad outcomes. "This happy little kid that I love so much is now going to be thrust into a situation that he has no control over and I don't know if he's going to make it out okay."

Also overcome with worry, Jen tries her best to keep her mind on what's important—giving Will the best upbringing possible.

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"Hopefully the outcome of these procedures will be number one, he breathes better," explains Jen. "Number two, he hears. Right now he has hearing loss, and without getting these ear tubes, he will continue to have speech delay. As much as this is really painful right now, I know these are things we have to do."

Click the video above for a sneak peek at the emotional new episode.

Little Couple airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.