Michael Weatherly Reveals The Secret Behind The Worldwide Love For 'NCIS'


CBS's long-running crime drama NCIS has consistently been the most watched show in America. However, the show was recently honored for being the highest rated drama in the entire world.

At a celebration held for the cast and creators, ET's Brooke Anderson caught up with Michael Weatherly, who plays the fan-favorite Anthony DiNozzo, to find out why he thought the show worked so well overseas.

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"[People around the world] love the humor and the interaction between the characters," Weatherly said. "It feels like a family, and it feels real. Or it feels like their work place… we don't just solve a crime, we fill in all that other stuff."

, which spawned the hugely popular NCIS: LA, has been on for 11 seasons with 258 episodes under its belt and has been renewed for a 12th season. So how does a show like that stay fresh?

"This show has had to change over and over and over again," Weatherly observed. "And that is really where the extraordinary value is."

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"It's one thing to sort of be a one-hit wonder," the actor added. "But… we keep cranking out the hits baby!"

Season 12 of NCIS debuts September 23 at 8pm on CBS.

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