Michael Keaton, Carly Rae Jepsen Savor Career Comebacks on 'SNL': 6 Best Sketches of the Night


If there's one thing we learned from Michael Keaton's turn hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, it's that he needs to be in more things, because he's one of the most watchable performers ever!

Keaton hasn't hosted since 1992, and his return to the stage is no doubt due to his career resurgence that recently saw him get an Oscar nomination for his performance in Birdman. Hopefully, it won't be another 23 years before he comes back.

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The night was full of amazing sketches (and some less-than-amazing ones, but why attack art when said art is 90 minutes of original content made in less than seven days?), and Keaton proved that he was the kind of host who was up for anything.

He wasn't the only star who got to enjoy a bit of a pop culture revitalization on the SNL stage. "Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen rocked out with her new single "I Really Like You," and debuted her slower, more contemplative tune "All That."

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It was all about two things on Saturday night: The all-mighty Keaton, and pushing the envelope when it came to edgy comedy.

Here's a look at the six best sketches of the night!

6. Easter Hotline: Did you remember to call your grandparents for Easter this year? This amazing sketch nails every single conversation any adult has ever had with their grandparents. And finally, Sasheer Zamata had a starring role in a sketch that actually worked.

5. Easter Candy: 
Keaton proved he was down to be weird, creepy and generally discomforting all for the sake of really selling one of the night's most bizarre sketches. He commits so hard to being a weirdo that you can't help but laugh.

4. Weekend Update: 
Every episode, Weekend Update is getting stronger and the anchors are getting more comfortable behind the desk. This Weekend Update featured a guest appearance by The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, so that just makes it 100% better.

3. CNN Newsroom: 
CNN used to be the world's most reliable news source. Now, they are… well, a news source? This sketch pokes fun at insane ways CNN illustrates "news" coverage -- but the selling point is Keaton's interpretive news dancing.

2. Opening Monologue: Keaton used to be Batman and Beetlejuice. Some people cannot ever get over those facts (us included). The opening monologue mainly featured Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan trying to get Keaton to play Batman with them. It's a simple, brilliant premise that pays off better than any monologue in SNL's 40th season so far.

1. Neurotology Music Video: 
This had to be one of the edgiest sketches SNL has run in a long time. It's a spoof of the recent HBO documentary Going Clear, a documentary that allegedly exposes wrongdoings by the Church of Scientology. This amazingly well-made faux-1990s music video for the "Church of Neurotology" is almost as aggressively critical, albeit under the guise of satire. Whether you've seen Going Clear or not, this was one of the best things SNL has made in a long time.

As for Carly Rae's blowout numbers, check out her performances of "I Really Like You" and "All That" below.

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