EXCLUSIVE: Judd Apatow and 'Love' Cast Tease New Challenges in Season 2 -- 'Things Are On!'


An honest look at building a relationship, Judd Apatow’s
Netflix series, Love, quickly earned
praise among fans and critics alike thanks to the cast’s standout performances
led by co-creator Paul Rust, Gillian Jacobs and Claudia O’Doherty, who is also
a first-time Emmy nominee as a writer for Inside
Amy Schumer

The show offered a “down-to-earth” look at dating as Mickey
(Jacobs) and Gus (Rust) got to know each other after a chance encounter at a
local convenience store. Needless to say, things weren’t always pretty for
Mickey and Gus, with the two blowing up at each other at the end of season one.

Season two quickly went into production -- thanks to
Netflix’s initial two-season order -- and wrapped filming at the end of July. A
short time later, ET caught up with Apatow at the Just for Laughs comedy
festival in Montreal, Canada, where the notoriously tight-lipped co-creator and
producer teased what’s to come.

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“You’ll see what happens … We all know what’s happening --
where it’s going,” Apatow said, suggesting that the two unlikely lovers will
continue to explore the show’s titular theme.

Apatow also confirmed that despite Andy Dick’s controversial
in season one, the comedian will be back. “My part in season 2 of
Love is small,” Dick said, as he joined Apatow at the comedy festival. “It’s
still me, obviously. I come in, cry on Gillian’s shoulder, she fluffs me up and
I leave.”

While Apatow was scant on show details, he did open up about
his daughter Iris Apatow’s foray into acting, including a supporting role on
the series as Gus’ pupil, child actor Arya. “We tried to do it slowly,” he
said of his and wife Leslie Mann’s laissez-faire attitude about it. “And she is
a really interesting, talented young lady.” 


“She really enjoys it. Shes oddly very comfortable on the set, almost to the point of being
bored and sleepy,” Apatow continued. “Shes just very good, so Im
glad that shes got to show
that she can do it.”

Besides, “why would you want your kids to get a real job?!” Apatow

Meanwhile, the show’s two female stars offered a few more
specifics about their characters. “Mickey’s grappling with some different issues
in season two,” Jacobs told ET during a break from filming. “You're going to
see her be challenged in different ways as the show goes on.”

She did add that there’ll be some new characters, but the
focus is still “on the ride with Gus and Mickey.”


O’Doherty, who rounds out the cast as Bertie, Mickey’s
chipper yet put-upon roommate who finds romance of her own as she starts dating
giant teddy bear of a man Randy (Mike Mitchell), was too nervous to betray
Apatow’s trust. However, ET did get her to reveal that Bertie will still be
living with Mickey and exploring her relationship with Randy. "In the
beginning, things are going -- things are on," O’Doherty said of Bertie
and Randy. "That's all I can say!"

Love returns to
Netflix with 12 new episodes in 2017.

--Additional reporting
by Emily Krauser and Stacy Lambe