EXCLUSIVE: Cheryl Burke Earning Rave Reviews From 'Dance Moms' Cast and Crew: 'She's Amazing'

Sources close to production on the Lifetime series tell ET that Burke has been 'incredible to work with.'

Cheryl Burke continues to impress while filling in for Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms.

The former Dancing With the Stars pro has been earning rave reviews as she wraps up her stint on the Lifetime show, a source close to production tells ET.

WATCH: Cheryl Burke Is All Smiles While Filling in for Abby Lee Miller on 'Dance Moms' Set

"She's amazing. She's tough as nails. She's no pushover. She's all about business," the source reveals. "The producers and the network are very pleased with her leadership."

While there's no word on whether Burke will return to the show after season seven wraps later this week, another source tells ET that the 32-year-old dancer was "incredible to work with." "She was positive and uplifting for the kids and the moms," the source says.

Despite Miller's abrupt exit from the show last month, ET has learned that she's still under contract with Lifetime for several more seasons. "Abby is always welcome to return to Dance Moms," a source tells ET.

ET was the first to learn that Burke would be replacing Miller on the reality show. While Miller cited production issues as her reason for leaving Dance Moms, Burke told ET that her experience so far had been "amazing."

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"I am very excited to work with the kids," Burke gushed. "I have seen the show, yes. Of course I have!"

"Honestly, this is a great change for me," she continued. "I'm teaching very, very talented kids and very passionate mothers. It's kind of a full circle [moment] because I was that kid and I had that type of mom that was very passionate about my career and very supportive."

"I love working with talented kids, so I'm very excited," she added.

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Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.