'Pretty Little Liars' Series Finale: [SPOILER]'s Twin is A.D. -- The 8 Biggest Questions Finally Answered!

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WARNING: We're about to address the most shocking revelations from Pretty Little Liars' series finale! If you do not want to know the identity of A.D. or any of the other secrets hidden in Rosewood, leave now! For everyone else, buckle up and prepare to make a serious double take…

"It's déjà vu, bitch!"

Those three little words perfectly sum up how our seven-season journey with Aria, Hanna, Emily, Alison and Spencer officially came to a close on Tuesday's viciously satisfying series finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Not only did we finally discover who A.D. is, we also unveiled the why and how behind this twisted sister taking over the game from Charlotte. Plus, who's the father of Emily and Alison's baby? What did Jenna Marshall have to do with all of this? And how did it all end? We've got the answers to the eight biggest questions in PLL history!

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1. Who is A.D.?

Get ready for a twin twist! Turns out, A.D. is short for Alex Drake -- but just how is this random character connected to our favorite Rosewood residents? (Drumroll please!) Alex Drake is Spencer Hastings' identical twin. Jaw, meet floor.

2. Who found out A.D.'s identity first?

In this classic evil twin scenario, it was actually Spencer who discovered that she had a deranged doppelganger running around Rosewood impersonating her. On the night before Aria's wedding, Alex oh-so-rudely kidnapped Spencer and locked her away in a high-tech cell (that was hidden in Toby's old house!) and divulged her tragic backstory.

Alex grew up in England as an orphan and had absolutely no knowledge of Spencer, Mary Drake or the town of Rosewood. However, all of that changed when Wren happened to walk into the same bar that Alex was working in. Once he got over the shock of seeing Spencer 2.0, he explained everything to Alex and the two very quickly fell head over heels for each other. (Wren most definitely has a type!)

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3. When did A.D. impersonate Spencer?

Remember when Hanna dreamed that "Spencer" was comforting her after A.D. kidnapped and tortured her in the season seven premiere? That wasn't a dream-- that was actually Alex. And sorry, Spoby fans, but the rest of this answer is going to break your pretty little hearts. When "Spencer" asked Toby for a "goodbye" kiss at the end of the season 7A finale -- that was Alex. When "Spencer" and Toby had that super-hot sex scene in the cabin in episode 7x18 -- that was Alex. Lastly, when Ezra caught "Spencer" chatting with Wren in the airport -- that was actually Alex preparing to break things off with Wren so she could be with Toby.

4. Why did A.D. take over the game from Charlotte?

Alex may have been Charlotte's half-sister, but she loved her with her whole heart, so when she discovered that Charlotte had been murdered, she was desperate to enact revenge. "After Charlotte died, I needed closure and I wanted it on my own terms," Alex explained of the Liar's Lament board game. "Wren let me come to Rosewood alone because he knew that I would come back to him and after I found out who killed Charlotte, that's just what I did."

Unfortunately for the Liars, Alex's addiction to the thrill of the game did not end. "When the game was over, I went back to London. But I just couldn't stop thinking about you about how good you have it. About how much your friends love you and it was just driving me mad and Wren saw it happening," she said.

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5. How did Jenna Marshall, Noel Kahn, Sara Harvey and Sydney Driscoll fit into A.D.'s plan?

Take it away, Alex! "Sydney? She was a one-off. She was stealing from a bank and I knew it, but she fit the hoodie," Alex explained to Spencer. "But Jenna, she had my respect. Jenna recruited Noel to look for me because she knew that Charlotte had a sister and that the Carissimi Group was just the tip of the iceberg. Charlotte left me everything."

When asked if Jenna wanted money, Alex explained that Jenna was desperate for a chance to regain her sight, so after agreeing to do A.D.'s bidding, Alex paid for the eye surgery. As for Sara Harvey? "Charlotte told Sara that she hid her greatest treasure under Radley and Sara thought that she was talking about some pot of gold, but what she meant was that file you found."

6. Who is the father of Emily and Alison's babies?

Yes that's right -- we said babies! Turns out, Alison and Emily's immaculate conception scenario actually spawned twins. Twins were definitely the theme of the night and that DiLaurentis family sure is fertile. So who's the babies' daddy? Wren! When Alex was impersonating Spencer at Aria and Ezra's wedding, she murmured that the twins had their daddy's eyes. "I knew Wren would make pretty babies," she whispered to herself. As far as we know, Ali and Emily never discovered that Wren was their children's sperm donor.

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7. What happened to Wren?
Well, first Alex begged Wren to shoot her in the exact same spot where Spencer took a bullet to the chest, because Alex was desperate to look "exactly like her." But as her transition to becoming just like Spencer continued, Alex realized that she didn't want Wren anymore -- she wanted Toby.

"The plan was to be you with Wren," Alex confessed to Spencer. "But no matter what, he always thought of me as Alex and I just didn’t want to be her anymore." So what did she do? Alex ended up killing Wren and pressing his ashes into a diamond that she wore around her neck. (Yup. This chick is bats**t crazy, y'all.)

8. How did it all end?

Spencer and Ezra escaped from Alex's insane "do-it-yourself dungeon" thanks to a well-placed bobby pin. (Oh, did we mention that Alex kidnapped Ezra right before he was supposed to tie the knot to Aria and then tried to kill him? So rude.) As Spencer and Ezra frantically searched for an escape from Alex's hellish playhouse, the Liars showed up just in time thanks to Mona's intel, Caleb's hacking and Toby's desperation to find and save Spencer. We then witnessed a classic, "No, I'm the good twin!" scenario as the two identical sisters desperately tried to prove to the group who was the real Spencer.

In the end, it was Toby who made the correct call when he asked the ladies to name Spencer's favorite poem in a book she had given him. The real Spencer immediately revealed the right answer, and Alex was hauled out of the house by a Rosewood police office. (Once again, the Rosewood P.D. was completely useless in solving this case.)

As for our Liars? Aria and Ezra finally tied the knot in a quaint ceremony in town and announced that after their honeymoon, they're going to look into adopting a baby since Aria discovered she can't have kids. Alison and Emily got engaged, Hanna revealed that she and Caleb are expecting a baby, and Toby and the real Spencer are happily dating. Meanwhile, in France, it was revealed that Mona somehow kidnapped Alex and Mary Drake and are keeping them help hostage as her own living dolls. What a delightfully creepy way to end it all.

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