'Vanderpump Rules': Lisa Confronts Lala Over Her Screaming Match With Raquel and James (Exclusive)

Lala Kent and Lisa Vanderpump face off on 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Don’t lie to your boss.

That’s the lesson Lala Kent learns in ET’s exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s all-new Vanderpump Rules. All the SUR-vers have gathered at the grand opening of Lisa Vanderpump’s latest business venture, Tom Tom, but there’s more business to take care of at the party. Lisa calls Lala over to a booth to get her side of the story about the heated exchange Lala had with James Kennedy’s girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, at SUR’s "Brunch With Billie" (aka, the debut of the insult "Bambi-eyed b***h.")

"I was not aggressive," Lala tells Lisa. "I said my piece, and then I left it at that."

Lala goes onto recall her follow-up chat with James, in which she told him, "You’re still sitting there loving the fact that you got to f**k Lala." She tells Lisa it was a "civilized conversation," but Lisa doesn’t seem to be buying it. Meanwhile, Scheana Shay and Brittany Cartwright are filling Kristen Doute in on the SUR-set showdown… but that’s quickly interrupted when Lisa calls Scheana over to fill in the gaps in Lala’s story.

Watch here:

"I don’t want Lala mad at me," Scheana admits in a confessional. "I see how she treats people she doesn’t like. But I can’t lie to my boss."

So, Scheana tells Lisa the truth -- that Lala took things a little too far at the hostess stand, which leads Lala to scoff, "Scheana, girl. Shut the f**k up. She is not having my back right now."

"Lala, you know better than that,” Lisa chides. “If there’s any disagreement, you take it outside. It’s never on the floor … You should respect that that is my business. It’s non-negotiable."

"I respect Lisa enough to not throw down in her restaurant," Lala later reflects in a confessional. "What I shoulda done is drag their a**es in the parking lot."

Lisa then asks Scheana, whom she calls “the most professional waitress I’ve ever had,” how James handled himself in the moment. Scheana tells Lisa that James “didn’t go off on anyone, he didn’t cuss out anyone.” That adds up to what James previously told Lisa, as seen in a flashback, which Lisa admits she didn’t believe at first.

"But now, I hear that he was telling the truth," she remarks. "It’s kind of a first for James Kennedy."

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