Watch Adam DeVine and Nina Dobrev Reveal Surprising Secrets About Themselves (Exclusive)

One of the actors only has nine toes!

Nina Dobrev and Adam DeVine aren't holding back. The Outlaws stars sat down for the latest edition of ET's "Spilling the E-Tea," and were quick to share some big secrets.

In the Netflix action comedy, Dobrev stars as a bride-to-be whose fiancé (DeVine) comes to suspect that her parents (Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin) are infamous outlaws. In real life, Dobrev revealed that her parents kept a pretty big secret from her for years.

"My parents didn't tell me what my full name was until I was, like, 18 or 20 or something," Dobrev told DeVine. "I guess Nina is an abbreviation of Nicolina. They go, 'And by the way, yeah, that's your name.' I would have used it professionally if I knew earlier in my life."

For his part, DeVine admitted that he "can't keep a secret" and said the same holds true for his family, but recalled his real-life in-laws being surprised by one particular thing about him.

"That I only have nine toes," DeVine said of the fact that most surprised his wife, Chloe Bridges', parents.

"How do you balance?" Dobrev questioned.

"I don't. You see how I walk. I have a waddle," he answered. "... I was in another movie, and I was running, and people were like, 'Oh my god, even your run is funny.' I'm like, 'That was the best I could run. That was my most athletic run.'"

Off-screen, Dobrev and DeVine are real-life pals. As for the most surprising thing about their friendship, Dobrev said, "We vacation together with our partners and friends and big groups."

"We recently traveled to Indonesia. Took four planes and about 30 hours to get there, and then we were off the grid for seven days with all of our friends," she said. "It was really fun."

So fun, in fact, that the pair is hoping they'll get to team up professionally again, preferably for a sequel to The Outlaws, which DeVine described as "flat out funny."

"I would really love it if this movie did well and Netflix wanted to make a sequel, and it was the two of us on our honeymoon, somewhere exotic," Dobrev said. "That'd be fun, right?"

The Outlaws is now streaming on Netflix.