Watch Molly Shannon Return to 'Saturday Night Live' for Her Hosting Gig a Little Too Early

Molly Shannon
NBC/Saturday Night Live

The actress-comedian was a 'SNL' cast member from 1995 to 2001 and also co-hosted in 2007.

Molly Shannon couldn't contain her excitement about returning to Saturday Night Live. She was so excited, in fact, that she showed up three days early!

In a promotional clip of her upcoming hosting gig, the 58-year-old actress and comedian is seen ecstatic walking backstage as she heads over to the iconic doors that lead to the set. And, after walking through the doorway, a befuddled Shannon asks, "Where is everyone?"

A crew member working on a light stand is also confused to see Shannon arrive so early. After asking where she could find the audience, the rest of the crew and SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, the crew member tells her, "They don't come in until Saturday."

"Oh, they still do it on Saturdays? I don't know why, for some reason I thought it was Wednesdays," she responds.

When she heads backstage, the crew member reminds her where the exit is, only for Shannon to respond with, "It's OK. I'm just gonna wait back here for the next few days so I'm ready for the big show."

Shannon appeared as a main cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2001. It was during her time on the sketch comedy show when she created the role of Mary Katherine Gallagher, the character that spawned the 1999 comedy movie Superstar, starring Shannon and Will Ferrel.

When she returned to host SNL in 2007, Shannon reprised her role as Mary Katherine Gallagher. This hosting stint made her only the second former female cast member to ever to return to host, after Julia Louis-Dreyfus. 

When she returns to this time to SNL, Shannon will be accompanied by the Jonas Brothers, who were last the musical guest on the show in 2019.