'90 Day Fiancé': Colt and Vanessa Get Into Medieval Roleplay on 'The Single Life' (Exclusive)

Things are definitely heating up between Colt and Vanessa.

90 Day Fiancé star Colt is pulling out all the stops to impress his longtime love interest, Vanessa. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new 90 Day: The Single Life, Colt plans a getaway to a medieval-themed hotel, and things heat up between him and Vanessa.

In the clip, Colt explains that the hotel he picked for the two is literally a castle.

"I love stories, I love fairy tales, I have always been kind of nerdy growing up," he shares, as a picture of a young Colt holding a sword is shown. "Kind of stayed at home a lot, played video games. I thought this would be a great escape from reality."

"I want to show Vanessa that she's my queen," he adds. "What better place than a castle? I think it's pretty cool."

The hotel is definitely unique and not for everyone, but Vanessa is impressed with Colt's gesture.

"This place is amazing," she tells cameras. "I didn't expect him to go all out like this. I like that he's very creative with his dates. ... Nobody's ever done anything like this for me."

Later, the two see medieval costumes hanging in the closet and decide to wear them. Colt is clearly feeling Vanessa's get-up.

"I like the view, personally," he tells her as she giggles. "You look beautiful. Actually, this is pretty sexy, give us a little dance."

"I'm into role-playing, but I've never experienced something like this before, where I feel like I'm the peasant trying to be a knight or something, a squire," he also tells cameras. "I don't have a noble background but I'm trying to make my way in this world."

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