Allison Williams Gives Rare Quotes About Motherhood and How It's Changed Her Perspective of 'M3GAN' Role

Williams says she's been able to find excitement in her shifting work-life balance upon welcoming her first child in late 2021. 

Allison Williams is sharing rare insight into her life as a working mom. The 34-year-old M3GAN star and Girls alum tells Town & Country she's been able to find excitement in her shifting work-life balance upon welcoming her first child in late 2021. 

Though she's stayed quiet about her personal life since leaving social media in 2017, Williams spoke about how parenthood helped her approach her new role in M3GAN, in which she plays Gemma, the scientist who devises the titular lifelike doll. Williams also served as an executive producer for the new film. 

"I became a mom, and that made it all much more interesting, because that's Gemma's whole arc," she tells T&C in the cover story. During the course of the film, Gemma gains two children, "one that she created from scratch and the other that she inherited, who, while sharing her DNA, is not her own. That was going to be complicated, but it also became more interesting as a performer to bring this person to life, having a greater appreciation of the stakes of that," Williams adds. 

Williams also spoke about her recent experience on the Today show. "I get like weird and shy when I talk about [my son] because it's so new," she says. "But I'm obsessed with him." 

Though she said some of her friends told her their lives stayed the same upon becoming parents, Williams didn't agree. "Everything is unrecognizable now, it's all different," she notes. 

Williams split from her first husband, Ricky Van Veen, in 2019 and is now engaged to her Horizon Line co-star, Alexander Dreymom, with whom she shares her son. Though Williams continues to stay away from social media, Dreymom, 39, took to Instagram to celebrate his fiancé -- and announce their engagement -- at the M3GAN premiere in December. 

"Premiere of M3GAN with a screaming, laughing, cheering crowd. It's the ultimate fun scarefest," he wrote. "I'm so proud of my gorgeous fiancée @aw."

"Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on what will likely be a new cult hit," he added.