Andy Cohen Jokes That Anderson Cooper's Kids Annoy Him Because They 'Never Seem to Do Anything Wrong'

Andy Cohen opened up about Anderson Cooper's kids during Thursday's 'Live With Kelly and Mark.'

Andy Cohen opened up about Anderson Cooper's seemingly perfect children. 

On the Thursday's Live With Kelly and Mark, the father to 5-year-old son Ben and 2-year-old daughter Lucy, couldn't help but compare his own parenting challenges to Cooper's smooth-sailing experience with his two sons, Wyatt, 3, and Sebastian, 2.

During the segment, host Mark Consuelos asked Cohen about their shared daddy field trips with the kids.

"I love when you and Anderson Cooper go on daddy field trips with the kids. Who do you think is the more neurotic out of the two of you?" Consuelos inquired.

Cohen didn't miss a beat, saying, "I actually think I might be. You would think that he is…" he trailed off with a chuckle, prompting Consuelos to add, "He’s pretty mellow."

Cohen then shared his humorous frustration over Cooper's well-behaved children.

"His kids also don't ever seem to do anything wrong and it annoys me so much! I’m like, my kid is just out of a time out and headed into another time out. And his kids are like, 'Yes Daddy, I will do that,'" Cohen said, mimicking a robot voice to illustrate the contrast. "I'm like, 'Do you have any issues in your home?’ It’s annoying to me!"

Consuelos' wife and co-host, Kelly Ripa, chimed in to support Cohen's sentiment, adding, "I keep telling him that. I’m like, 'This is not representative of children!’"

Cohen ended his amusing rant with one final jab, saying, "I’m like, 'Do they ever cry?' It's very annoying."

While speaking with ET in March 2021, Cohen addressed rumors of a possible reality show featuring himself and the CNN newsman.

Rumors had been swirling for a while that Cohen and Cooper had been approached to star in a reality docuseries that would follow their lives as new dads. But, sadly for fans of the pair, Cohen told ET that those rumors are "not for real."

"Listen, we're on the road, we're on New Year’s Eve, I feel like that's enough," Cohen said with a laugh. "I mean, us getting drunk for five hours on live television together, we're gonna reveal a lot of stuff there."