Ariana Grande Says She's Taking a Break From Music to Explore 'New Versions of Storytelling'

Grande is currently working as a coach on season 21 of 'The Voice'

There's no doubt that Ariana Grande is one of the hardest-working people in the entertainment industry, but now the 28-year-old is putting a pause on making music as she pursues other passions. 

Grande -- whose last album, Positions, was released in 2020 -- opened up in Allure's new issue about exploring “new versions of storytelling," which include her new makeup line, her work as a coach on the upcoming season of The Voice, and even working with an acting coach. 

Grande's brand, r.e.m. beauty, is named for the stage of sleep that refers to rapid eye movement. The brand will kick off with products focused on the eyes, which the pop star calls "our main gateways to our dreams, our emotions, our everything."

“They’re our main storytellers and sources of communication,” Grande adds. “I feel like you can emote more with your eyes than you can articulate sometimes.” 

But just like her music, Grande isn't looking to release something that has already been done -- she plans to take a unique approach to taking over the makeup world.

"I’ve thought a lot about this, of course, because I don’t want to just hop onto any bandwagons ever," she said of the fact that there are a lot of celeb beauty brands out there. "I think that...I wear my peers’ makeup as well, just like I listen to their music. I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, there’s too many female artists.’ I love and I’m [a] huge fan of my peers that do both, and I think that it’s just another way to tell stories. Because you can never have enough makeup, just like you can never have enough music.”

Grande isn't leaving music far behind, though. She'll be sharing her knowledge as a coach on The Voice alongside Kelly ClarksonBlake Shelton and John Legend during the new season, which is set to premiere on Sept. 20 on NBC.  "I'm super moved by how brilliant the performers are," Grande said in a teaser for the show last month.

As for her acting career, Grande recently appeared in the trailer for the upcoming 2021 film Don't Look Up, which also stars Leonardo DiCaprioJennifer LawrenceMeryl StreepTimothée ChalametCate BlanchettTyler PerryJonah Hill, and more A-list stars.