EXCLUSIVE: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Zachary Levi and Other Tony Stars Weigh in on Orlando Shooting

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As with the rest of America, Broadway is struggling to make sense of something so senseless.

On Sunday morning, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history was perpetrated in Orlando, Florida, killing 50 and injuring at least 53 in an LGBT nightclub.

After the horrific news, the Tony Awards announced in a statement that Sunday night's ceremony would be dedicated to the victim's and their families, and attendees were given silver ribbons to wear in their honor.

ET spoke with several people on the red carpet, including Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who weighed in on the national tragedy.

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“I went straight from waking up into the Tony rehearsals, so I didn't find out until mid-afternoon today,” the 36-year-old actor told ET. “It's the worst shooting tragedy in our nation's history. And that it happened to our community, the community that makes up Broadway... It feels more important than ever to celebrate new music.”

“If art is what fights tragedy, if art is what fights the void, if art is what helps us make sense of violence and random acts of cowardice and killing then tonight's important, it's important for us to celebrate those things,” he added.

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Chuck star Zachary Levy told ET, "I don't know what to say other than it's just insanely sad."

“I hope that whatever steps that need to be taken so that we can prevent this are taken, and that somebody provides what that solution is or we collectively can find that out,” he said. “We were here rehearsing the show earlier, and I looked into a café, and they had it on the TV in the cafe and it just put me in a whole other headspace. It kind of puts things in perspective.”

Hamilton star Jonathan Groff added that he was feeling “shock, horror, heartbreak, disbelief, anger, frustration.”

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“It still hasn't computed,” he admitted. “It is devastating and incomprehensible.”

Gloria Estefan joined the voices mourning the tragedy in her home state, saying, "You keep hoping that things will get better, but if we're going to be realistic, we all have to be very vigilant about life around us. But you can't stop living. We can raise [a new generation] with a lot more love in their hearts."

"But you can't stop living," she added. "A new generation... we can raise them with a lot more love in their hearts."

Estefan added that she is "sending prayers and thoughts to all of the families of the victims and the survivors." “We hope to just envelope them with love as much as we can,” she told ET.

"It's not a question of how do we go on, it is a question that we must go on, and we must begin to relate to each other in a way that we show compassion and kindness and connection," said Transparent star Judith Light. "We are one body of humanity, and we must start acting that way."

"Anytime there is a hate crime -- and this is another unnecessary example of gun violence -- who will we be is the question," the two-time Tony winner added. "What kind of people will we be?"

Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz called the massacre "something that you have to acknowledge, something you have to mourn, you have to get angry about."

"You have to remember this is why we are together tonight," she added, "to celebrate the LGBT community."

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"You have to [address it]," Tony Awards host James Corden told ET just before the ceremony. "The great thing about this community, the LGBT community, is that they historically have just embraced any race, religion, gender, sexuality, and tonight has to be a statement about that."

The late night comedian opened up the broadcast with a statement addressing the horrific events in Orlando.

Watch the video below to see more responses to the shooting.