Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's 'A Star Is Born' Is Returning to Theaters With 12 Extra Minutes

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The film will be in theaters for one week only beginning March 1!

A Star Is Born is coming back to theaters!

On Wednesday, Warner Bros. announced that the hit film will return to theaters for one week only with 12 additional minutes of footage for fans to enjoy. Beginning on Friday, March 1, the new version of the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga-starring flick will feature extended performances of songs including "Black Eyes," "Alibi" and "Shallow."

In addition to the extended clips, moviegoers will also get brand-new footage of multiple scenes: Gaga's Ally singing "Is That Alright?" to Cooper's Jack during the wedding sequence, Jack singing "Too Far Gone" in the studio, and Jackson and Ally writing "Clover," a new song, together.

In a sneak peek of the new cut of the film, fans can see Jack and Ally's writing session.

"Something we can both get over / Oh I'll still believe in love," Ally sings while lying down on an empty stage next to Jackson, who's playing guitar.

"Time goes by / I'll keep winning, keep losing til I die / Rain, fall down," Jackson sings and Ally gets up on her knees to tuck his hair behind his ear.

The pair lean close together in the clip as they sing the last line of the song, "And I'll catch every drop this time around."

"I like that song," Ally giddily exclaims.

"It's good," Jackson agrees.

The announcement of the film's encore release comes just days Gaga and her fellow "Shallow" co-writers took home the Oscar for Best Original Song on Sunday. The exciting win followed an intense, chemistry-filled performance of the song by Gaga and Cooper on the Oscar stage.

"They are both very hard-working, driven people, and during the making of the film, had a very professional work relationship," a source told ET of Gaga and Cooper following the show-stopping performance. "From the moment they began collaborating with each other, people on the set saw how connected they were, which is why everyone wants their relationship to be real. There is endless chemistry between them.”

"When they're together, they complete each other's sentences," the source continued. "They are creatively so in tune with one another and seem to have a total intuition with one another.”

As for a real-life romance between the pair, ET's source said that Cooper is still happily with his girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

"Bradley is warm and wonderful -- and very taken!" the source said. "He is an honest guy who is in a relationship and everyone has gotten very carried away with the gossip."

"The Oscars fueled their love story even more," the source added. "But what really happened behind the scenes of the Oscars was a sweet conversation between the two of them. Lady Gaga thanked Bradley for making her dream of becoming a movie star come true, and Bradley thanked Gaga for making him a rock star.”

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