Brandi Glanville Details Facial Disfigurement After Alleged 'RHUGT' Incident With Caroline Manzo (Exclusive)

The former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star was hospitalized in October after a scary situation took place.

In an exclusive interview with ET's Brice Sander, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville shared the harrowing details of a tumultuous year filled with stress and health complications, which she attributes to accusations stemming from The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

Glanville revealed that her physical nightmare began in August when her lips and face unexpectedly swelled up, accompanied by anaphylactic shock. 

"I've had some health issues that have affected my ability to talk. My ability to taste food, my face basically would swell up, like I would have anaphylactic shock, go into anaphylactic shock constantly and I saw 7 doctors and their answer to it was it was stress-induced angioedema," said Glanville. 

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Despite consulting with seven doctors, the cause remained elusive until she was diagnosed with stress-induced angioedema, a condition where swelling occurs under the skin. 

The reality star pointed to the stress brought on by accusations from Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo, alleging sexual misconduct, including groping during the filming of The Ultimate Girls Trip in Morocco earlier in the year.

The alleged incident was not captured on camera, but the repercussions were swift. Glanville was removed from the show, and Peacock, the streaming service airing the series, deemed her behavior "unacceptable." 

The reality star vehemently denies the accusations and claims she was advised to remain silent about the incident. Glanville has since hired legal representation and accuses the show's producers of fostering an unsafe work environment by encouraging excessive alcohol consumption.

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In response to the allegations, Brandi characterized the Girls Trips shows as the "wild west," emphasizing the challenges of working long hours fueled by alcohol. The fate of Season 4 remains uncertain, and Peacock has not issued any comments regarding Glanville's claims.

"I think the Girls Trips shows are the wild west. They don't know what their doing yet. We can't work 19-hour days and be fueled with alcohol all day," said Glanville. 

"No, they don't force you but they want you to and you want to please the producers. I think that you know when we're all exhausted and we're doing 20 events a day working 19 hours, fully wasted it's not a safe environment for any of us and that's what the Girls Trips are."

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Peacock had no comment on Glanville's claims, nor an update on when the Ultimate Girls Morocco trip will air.

In April, Manzo said she would never return to the franchise or The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip after her "traumatic" incident with Glanville.

Amidst the turmoil, Glanville's health deteriorated significantly, leading to her hospitalization in October. Looking to the future, she expressed hope for a fresh start in the new year, both emotionally and physically. 

The reality star admits, "I just want to be healthy. I have taken my health for granted. I cried on my birthday. It was on November 16th. I cried the whole night and I thought that was my new normal. I was just never gonna look the same or feel the same. I was just gonna be this giant pumpkin head and like my mouth even now I get tired of talking. So I didn't do my podcast for several months because I would just have to stop and take breaks. It's insane. I took my health for granted."

To achieve this, Glanville has partnered with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. John Layke. In a candid discussion with ET, Dr. Layke outlined some of the procedures, including EmFace, aimed at restoring a new look without resorting to surgery.

"We chose to use something called EmFace, it's amazing technology called HIFES technology which is High Intensity Focused Electro Stimulation, electromagnetic stimulation, and the idea behind it is that we put certain applicators onto areas of the face and we have muscles in the face that either pull our expressions downward as in a frown or we have it upwards in a smile and so this technology selectively will contract the muscles that elevate the face," said Layke.

As Glanville faces the challenges of rebuilding her life and reputation, the reality TV star remains determined to overcome the adversity that has marked her tumultuous year.


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