Brody Jenner’s Mom Posts About Staying Silent, Likes Comments About Kaitlynn Carter Wanting Attention

Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner, Linda Thompson
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Linda Thompson is staying out of the drama ...sorta.

The 69-year-old songwriter and TV personality is supporting her son, Brody Jenner, from afar while his personal life is making headlines. 

Earlier this week, Thompson took to Instagram to post a quote from the Dalai Lama, which read, “Silence is sometimes the best answer.” 

She captioned the post, “When feelings are ineffable, often it is better to say nothing at all. #speechless.” 

This comes after Jenner’s split from Kaitlynn Carter and her subsequent "girls trip" with a newly single Miley Cyrus that resulted in photos of Cyrus and Carter kissing on a boat in Italy. 

Though Thompson’s message implies she’s staying out of it, that didn’t stop her from liking several comments surrounding the situation. 

“Speechless is right! When you are married to Brody or Liam, I mean some of the best looking guys on this planet. What the heck?!” reads one comment that prompted a like from Thompson. 

“I think she’s so hurt and trying to get his attention!! Not the way to do it but sad all around!” added another commenter, who also received Thompson’s like. 

Thompson has been featured several times on the new reboot The Hills: New Beginnings, and has often been seen as the voice of reason for Jenner and his pal, Brandon Thomas Lee. 

A source close to Jenner previously told ET, “He still cares deeply for [Kaitlynn] and his friendships with [Miley and Liam]. He wants everyone to be happy and live their best lives.” 

Earlier this month, Thompson’s older son, Brandon Jenner, revealed he was expecting twins with his girlfriend, Cayley Stoker. Thompson shared a sweet video of the moment her family found out the news to Instagram. 

“@brandonjenner had the clever idea to capture the moment loved ones heard the AMAZING news that he & the beautiful @caylita_ were expecting a baby!!" she wrote. "Our reactions were priceless - so please try to imagine our second reaction when we all found out that twins were on the way! So overwhelmed with joy! #grateful #familylove #soblessed.”

For more on the drama between Jenner and Carter, watch the clip below:


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