Cardi B Takes It All Off in New 'Press' Music Video

The 26-year-old rapper's latest video features nudity, blood and violence.

Cardi B isn't holding back in her latest music video.

On Wednesday, the 26-year-old rapper dropped the sure-to-be controversial video for "Press," which features nudity, blood and violence. The video starts with a threesome and only gets more wild, as a white lingerie-clad Cardi smokes a cigarette and fires a gun -- all before the song starts.

With the next portion of the video, Cardi seems to be directly addressing her current legal woes -- she pleaded not guilty to two felony and 10 misdemeanor counts earlier this week, following an alleged incident in a strip club last year -- as she's placed in an interrogation room.

As Cardi finally begins to rap, fans see shots of her being questioned, walking completely nude and strutting into court in front of gathered press in a dramatic, all-white outfit and veil. The NSFW factor ramps up as a nude -- and blood-covered -- Cardi joins more than 20 other naked dancers in the street.

The all-white outfit -- complete with matching hair and eyebrows -- returns as Cardi makes a violent appearance in court that leaves three dead. The carnage continues as Cardi raps while standing among all the now-bloodied and naked dancers. Cardi eventually ends up in jail where, in an orange jumpsuit, she decides to drown her cellmate in a toilet in a shot that lasts 10 full seconds.

The intense video ends with a naked Cardi strutting away from the camera.

Cardi first teased the song back in December, before dropping the track last month. She opened the 2019 BET Awards over the weekend by rapping both "Press" and "Clout," a performance that included a lap dance for her husband, Offset.

Watch the video below for more on Cardi.