Dakota Johnson Gave Olivia Colman Her First Tattoo in a Hotel Room After a Dance Party

Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson
Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Dakota Johnson knows how to liven up an after party! The actress apparently does late night tattoo work for her co-stars in hotel rooms.

In a recent profile in Town & Country, Johnson reflected on how she and her fellow stars of her new drama The Lost Daughter-- including Olivia Colman and Peter Sarsgaard -- like to throw huge, wild dance parties after screenings of the film.

According to the article, the cast and crew of The Lost Daughter threw a party after the New York Film Festival premiere in October at Altro Paradiso in Soho. After the party, back in the hotel room, Johnson used a stick-and-poke kit to give Colman her first-ever tattoo.

Colman, 47, suggested in the profile that she isn't entirely sure why she agreed to get inked by Johnson in the first place.

"Maybe it was me being completely seduced by this gorgeous person and wanting her to think I was cool," the Oscar-winning actress recalled. "Or maybe it was my midlife crisis."

According to Johnson, a lot of the wildness appears to be pent-up exuberance stemming from a return to quasi-normalcy due to the COVID-19 vaccine after months spent in lockdown.

"The thing is, people are not behaving normally," Johnson said. "If you go to a party, you f**king rage."

With The Lost Daughter generating a lot of early awards season buzz, Johnson is beginning to expand her horizons within Hollywood, and will be stepping behind the camera to direct a yet-unannounced feature sometime next year.

Johnson didn't reveal much about the project, except that it takes place on "a mythical island."

"We talked about someone else directing, but then I was dreaming about it, having ideas all the time. It’s in my bones, this story," Johnson said. "I’m like, ‘Is this too soon?’ But it’s happening. I’m gonna do it."

The December/January issue of Town & Country hits newsstands Dec. 7. Dakota's new drama, The Lost Daughter, comes out in limited release on Dec. 17, and will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 31.


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