David Spade Recalls How Kate Spade Always Made His Past Girlfriends Feel Special


David Spade is opening up about his late sister-in-law, Kate Spade.  

During an appearance on Wednesday's Good Morning America, David spoke to co-host Robin Roberts about the famed designer who died last month of an apparent suicide. She was 55.

“[Our family is doing] as good as we can. It’s been very tough. Obviously,” the 53-year-old comedian said. “... It is very sweet that everyone came out of the woodwork. She really made an impact.”

David -- who recently donated $100,000 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness -- recalled how everyone around him would up their style game if they knew they’d be seeing Kate. 

“I remember when we used to hang out, it’s funny because every girl I was with or anyone around, anyone that knew they would see Katy, would dress differently,” he shared. “They would bring their A-game. It was very sweet. They’d be like, 'Is Katy coming?' And if [she was] then it was a whole new wardrobe.”

David revealed that Kate -- who had been married to his older brother, Andy, since 1994 -- wasn’t blind to the effort that people put in before meeting her. In fact, she made it a point to make all newcomers feel welcome. 

“Katy was very sweet, she knew that they were doing that, and she’d mention something, say some compliment,” the former Rules of Engagement star recalled. “And when I would say, ‘You don’t dress up for me’ they say, ‘Yeah. That’s her, you’re you.’”

An emotional David continued praising his sister-in-law, saying, “She was such a beautiful, lovely, great spirit that obviously will be missed."

Nearly overcome with emotion, he added, "I’ll start bawling, but thank you for saying something.”

David previously mourned Kate’s tragic passing in a series of social media posts

"Fuzzy picture but I love it. Kate and I during Christmas family photos. We had so much fun that day," David captioned a photo posted to Instagram of himself with his sister-in-law. "She was so sharp and quick on her feet. She could make me laugh so hard."

"I still cant believe it," he continued. "It's a rough world out there people, try to hang on.”

David also shared an image of Kate on Twitter, writing: "Katy at my book signing. I love this pic of her. So pretty. I don't think everyone knew how f**king funny she was... It's a rough world out there people. Try to hang on." 

Back in June, David urged those struggling with mental health to speak up. 

"More people suffer from mental health issues than we may realize but no one should ever feel ashamed to reach out for support," he said in a statement to ET. "If you or anyone you know is in need of help or guidance please contact the national suicide prevention hotline at 800-273-8255 or go to nami.org to learn more and help those who may be in need."

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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