Demi Lovato Says She's in a 'Really Good Place': 'I Don't Know What I'm Going to Write About'

Lovato has teased new music, admitting that she is going back to her edgier rock roots.

Demi Lovato is committed to returning to her emo era! On Wednesday, the 30-year-old singer shared that she is going back to her rock roots with her new music. 

"I grew up listening to this music," she said during a segment on CBS Mornings about exploring emo music. "And I wanted to go back to my roots, whether you're going through a depression or you're having fun with your friends, there's so many emotions that's in this music. I think that this generation is hungry for it."

Lovato said that emo -- which is a genre of punk-inspired rock that explores more emotional elements that had a surge in the early 2000s -- has something for everyone, just like her music. 

"Whether it was angst, whether it's falling in love, sadness, I always made music to become an inspiration to other people while also doing what I love," she said. 

As for the emo inspiration for her new music, Lovato shared that while she is channeling the genre, her happier lifestyle may make the lyrics a little challenging.

"I definitely am in a really good place," she said. "I don't know what I'm going to write about on my next album because I'm so happy. It is a really good feeling, but I don't know what I'm going to do."

Lovato, who has been in a relationship with fellow musician Jute$ since August, shares that love will be one of the themes. 

"Def a bunch of sappy love songs for sure," she added.

Fans got a taste of Lovato's rock return with her latest album, Holy Fvck. Songs such as "Substance" and "Skin of My Teeth" were a step away from the pop-led ballads and hits she has released in the past. 

Last month, Lovato released the rock version of her 2013 hit, "Heart Attack." 

"Heart Attack, but make it Rock 3.24," she wrote next to the video. Putting any speculation about the song to rest, Lovato assured fans that she recorded a brand new version of the tune.

"Yes, I re-recorded the vocals. 😏 Heart Attack - Rock Version is out now," she captioned a video from the studio.