Dylan Barbour Gushes Over Hannah G.: How 'Serious' Do Things Get on 'Bachelor in Paradise'? (Exclusive)

The 'Bachelorette' castoff is looking for love in Mexico.

Are we in for another Bachelor in Paradise engagement? 

We'll have to wait until season six of the Bachelor spinoff premieres on Monday to find out -- but so far, it looks like we'll at least get one love connection. ET's Lauren Zima spoke with Bachelorette alum Dylan Barbour at the show's Men Tell All taping earlier this month, where he couldn't stop gushing about fellow Paradise attendee Hannah Godwin. 

"Hannah G. is unbelievable. I mean, she's obviously just beautiful. And I think it's unfortunate we didn't get to see her personality [on The Bachelor] and I'm excited to just... I'm excited for everyone to see kinda what the energy is like," he said with a big smile. 

"I'm very excited to meet Hannah G. Very excited to spend some time with her," he added. "I find Hannah G. very attractive."

Barbour, who made it to week six of the competition on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, seems to have left Paradise a happy man. "[I] can't stop smiling," he admitted. "I think that there's a lot of attractive women in the word and the most important thing is just, like, an emotional and mental, obviously physical attraction to it too. So, I'm hoping we find that."

"[I'm] hoping people see kind of what maybe we have, or maybe I'll have someone else," he teased. "Maybe I get sent home first week. Who knows!"

Fellow BiP castmember Demi Burnett told ET that Barbour and Godwin were the most sought-after contestants this season. 

"I wouldn’t say the most sought-after," Barbour said. "Listen, I'm excited for Paradise. It was a really great time. I'm just hoping I'm with somebody that I get along with and that I can have a connection with."

"Am I allowed to say [how serious it gets]?" he hilariously asked. "Hopefully things get really serious in paradise. Listen I think it's going to be an unbelievable experience, and I think everyone's gonna get to see something of me and a part of me that not everybody does get to see."

Also heading to Paradise this season are John Paul Jones, Derek Peth, Clay Harbour, Bibiana Julian, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Cam Ayala, Katie Morton and more. 

"Paradise is... it's great for some. It is terrible for others. I'm just hoping the people it's not so great for, they have the opportunity to lift themselves," Barbour said. "I just think there's some people who came into it standing on some shaky ground." 

Bachelor in Paradise returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The show will air on Mondays and Tuesdays. See more in the video below, and join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here