Halle Berry vs. Britney Spears: Inside Look at Their Sexy Lingerie Lines


Oscar winner and world-class beautyHalle Berry is the latest celebrity to launch a lingerie line – and she’s giving our special fashion correspondent Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief for Lucky magazine, an inside look at her sexy sleepwear collection.

"It's always so awkward to go with your mom for that first fitting," Halle recalls of her first experience purchasing a bra at 14. "[You] have some strange lady like measuring your back and showing her your boob and you're just like, 'Oh God, can I get this over with?'"

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Now, the mother of two is launching Scandale-- a revival of a French luxury lingerie label that was first founded in 1932-- in an attempt to help ladies who are lingerie challenged.


"I'm not going to mention names, but a few of my friends wear raggedy bras and they've had them forever," she reveals. "You can't be wearing raggedy, broke-down bra! You have to care as much about the underneath as you do the outer and I think French women really understand that."

Scandale will debut at select Target stores Oct. 27, but the budding lingerie mogul will face some stiff competition in the market.


Britney Spears
launched "The Intimate Britney Spears" lingerie and sleepwear line this past September. Like Halle, Brit says she was inspired by the sophisticated lingerie trends in Europe.

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"I was in Europe and I went to this really cool vintage, romantic lingerie sleepwear store and ever since then it's something that I wanted to do," the pop singer told ET at the debut of the collection at New York Fashion Week. "It's really beautiful. Something that I'm really proud of. I'm very passionate about [it]."

Watch the full video for a closer look at the two collections. Do you prefer Halle's sleek and sexy line or Britney's romantic and girly intimates?

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