Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Estranged Husband Ryan Anderson Files No Response to Her Restraining Order

The news comes after Gypsy Rose Blanchard filed a temporary restraining order against estranged husband Ryan Anderson last week.

Ryan Anderson, the estranged husband of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, has filed a no response to Blanchard's restraining order, just a few days after she took legal action

ET reached out to Blanchard's rep and lawyer for comment. 

Blanchard filed her temporary restraining order on Monday, April 8, the same day she filed for divorce. This occurred less than two years after their small prison wedding on July 21, 2022, in Livingston County, Missouri. According to the divorce filing, Anderson and Blanchard physically separated on March 25 and have been living apart ever since.

Blanchard is requesting interim and final spousal support, arguing that Anderson is at fault for the marriage's breakdown, and wants to prevent him from receiving any support. A court hearing is scheduled for May 23, 2023

According to court records, Blanchard filed just before 2 p.m. last week in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, one week after she announced in a private Facebook post obtained by People that she and Anderson were separating. 

"People have been asking what is going on in my life. Unfortunately my husband and I are going through a separation and I moved in with my parents [sic] home down the bayou," she wrote at the time. "I have the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this. I am learning to listen to my heart. Right now I need time to let myself find… who I am."

ET reached out to Blanchard's reps following the divorce filing, who shared that Blanchard would not be releasing a new statement and that viewers will be able to see get the full story when her new show debuts on Lifetime in June. 

"Gypsy Rose Blanchard has openly shared her life with Lifetime and our cameras from the moment she was paroled. Her story, including her relationship with Ryan, will continue to unfold on Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up, debuting this June on Lifetime," the network said. 

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Anderson addressed their split and echoed Lifetime's statement, telling his followers that they will see what "really happened" when their docuseries is released in two months. 

"Hey, everybody, I just wanted to say thank you all for the support and the nice messages I've been getting from people," he said in the video. "Y'all will see what really happened on Lifetime. We were filming a lot so stay tuned for that."

The divorce filing, in which Blanchard is the petitioner, follows her December release from prison after a seven-year stint behind bars for the second-degree murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. While in prison, she began a correspondence with Anderson and the pair were married in July 2022.

In January, ET spoke with Blanchard and Anderson about their semi-newlywed bliss and their plans for the future, which they said at the time included children and establishing their lives together. 

"I don't have any reservations," she said of having kids. "We both have talked about starting a family, we just don't know when yet."

"My life is a little hectic right now. So we're just trying to take it day by day," she shared. "We're just trying to start off the marriage on a good foot before we bring kids into this situation right now." 

In recent months, Blanchard has been spotted hanging out with her ex, Ken Urker. In her 2024 Lifetime docuseries, The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, she shared that she maintained contact with Urker amid her marriage to Anderson and that they were merely good friends. Meanwhile, Urker's mother, Raina Williams, told People that the pair are just "very cool."

"Ken is just being a supportive friend to her and that's it," she said. "I think she's a sweet girl. I think she's made her mistakes and she's trying to learn from them like anyone else. And I care a lot for Gypsy and I want to see good things happen for her."

ET also recently confirmed that Blanchard underwent a rhinoplasty surgery to alter the shape of her nose. Blanchard shared that as she continues to grow and change emotionally and mentally post-prison, she is looking to make tangible changes as well. In January, she chopped off several inches of her hair and donated it to The Great Cut, an organization that creates wigs for kids in need. 

"I'm going through a personal transformation journey currently and that includes a physical one too. Wish me luck with my surgery and watch the whole thing this summer on Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up," she told ET regarding her nose procedure. 

Blanchard previously opened up about undergoing a season of change after her life in prison. In a series of lengthy TikTok videos she posted last month, Blanchard explained why she recently deleted her Instagram account, which at its height had garnered more than 7.8 million followers. Blanchard has since made her account private, and said she's going to keep it that way.

"I do my best to live my authentic life and what's real to me, and what's not real is social media," she explained. "Social media is literally a doorway to hell. It's so crazy. I can't even wrap my head around what social media is. I thought that once I got out of prison I'd come out and I'd enjoy social media like the next person, taking selfies and just acting goofy. It's the simple stuff in life, right?"

Blanchard confirmed that she didn't just temporarily deactivate her account, she permanently deleted it.

"What happened is I had a really good conversation with my dad, actually. He gave me some guidance that I feel like I really need it. And that guidance was to show me that real life is something you can touch, something you can feel," she said. "People you can actually hug. And with the public scrutiny as bad as it is, I just don't want to live my life under a microscope. So, I created my private Instagram. And I got it verified. An I had no trouble or doubts of deleting that public one."

Now that the attention from media has died down a bit, Blanchard said she's working on herself via therapy. She thanked everyone who supported her and "walked this journey with me." But, ultimately, Blanchard said she wants to walk away from the spotlight and live a private life, and the first steps to that journey was getting rid of her Instagram account.

"I still have my public TikTok, for now," she added. "Contemplating deleting it in a couple of months. Might not post as much."

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up premieres June 3 on Lifetime.