Heather Locklear Back in Rehab for Second Time Since Hospitalization

Heather Locklear
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Heather Locklear is focusing on her recovery. 

The Melrose Place star is back in rehab for the second time since her November 2018 hospitalization, and was taken there by her 21-year-old daughter, Ava Sambora, a source tells ET. The source says Sambora was "devastated."

"This process has felt never-ending and Ava just wants her mother to dedicate herself to a sober life," the source says. "She’s just heartbroken because she was really hopeful the last rehab her mother completed would finally be the last. Ava is a huge support to her mother."

Locklear is now in an "inpatient facility and her family desperately hopes she will finally get sober once and for all," the source tells ET. "Heather is in a very dangerous place and her family and loved ones are once again scared for her life."

The source adds that Locklear "admits she has a problem but she refuses to work the steps beyond that."

"She never seems to dedicate herself to the process and keeps going back to the same dangerous place," the source says. "...Her family just hopes she will make a change this time and dedicate herself to getting healthy for good."

ET has reached out to Locklear's attorney for comment. 

Locklear was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in early November after EMTs arrived to her home following some type of episode. A source told ET a few leaks later that the situation had taken a toll on her family. 

"Heather's family is devastated that she has suffered another breakdown," the source said. "Her behavior is so erratic, they don’t know from one second to the next how she is going to behave, and they live in constant fear for her well-being. She agrees she needs help. The trouble is she has terrible mood swings and no one knows when she will decide she doesn’t need help anymore.”

ET's source also said Locklear felt "terrible guilt" over how her behavior was affecting her 21-year-old daughter, Ava Sambora, whom she shares with Richie Sambora.

“Heather says her daughter is her world and feels terrible guilt for what is happening but she doesn’t seem to have any control," the source shared. "Each time her family seeks help and gets her set up for success, they come full circle and they have to start all over again. They are emotionally drained from the nonstop roller coaster. They love her and want nothing more than to ensure her safety and health but they are losing hope.”

It's been a difficult time for Locklear, who was hospitalized in June after a reported overdose call, which happened less than a day after she was arrested for allegedly kicking an officer at her home when police responded to a domestic disturbance call. ET learned in July that Locklear was in treatment. 

See more on Locklear in the video below. 

Reporting by Adrienne Schwartz.


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