Tom Cruise Gushes Over Friendship With 'Goddess' Janet Jackson at 'Mission Impossible' Premiere (Exclusive)

The 'Mission: Impossible' star couldn't contain his excitement for the celebrated pop icon.

Even Tom Cruise gets a little starstruck. The movie superstar recently went to a Janet Jackson concert, and couldn't contain his excitement about getting to see the songstress perform live.

Cruise spoke with ET's Nischelle Turner on Monday in Rome, at the world premiere of his new action blockbuster, Mission: Impossible -- Dead Reckoning Part One, at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, and he opened up about what he does in the rare instance in which he takes some time off.

Specifically, how he took in Jackson's concert last month.

"That was a moment, yeah, that was my night off. That was my last break," Cruise said with a laugh. "I just want to tell you to go see Janet."

Asking what kind of concertgoer Cruise is at a Jackson show, Cruise said he just goes "right in," singing along and going wild.

"I'm right in there, yeah, come on! It's Janet, she's a legend," Cruise said.

Jackson took to Instagram back in May to share a shot of herself and Cruise backstage after a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina, on her "Together Again" tour. She captioned the post, "T, it was so good seeing you and nice spending some time together 😊"

When asked about the nickname, Cruise said, "Yeah she calls me T. Look, she can call me whatever she wants. She's Janet Jackson! She's a goddess. She is a goddess."

While Sunday wasn't spent listening to Jackson belt out her iconic hits, Cruise did spend the day in Rome, promoting his new film -- the seventh in the hit Mission: Impossible franchise.

"It's unbelievable," Cruise said of the success of his iconic film series. "I do pinch myself every day. I don't take anything for granted."

"I remember being 18 years old, making Taps, and I remember being four years old and thinking I want to make movies, and I want to travel the world, and now here we are in Rome," Cruise continued. "It's something that I am constantly [feeling like], 'This is so out of body' and 'What is happening? This is wild.' ... I just feel very privileged."

Mission: Impossible -- Dead Reckoning Part One hits theaters July 12.