Jason Momoa Teases 'Way Bigger' 'Aquaman' Sequel (Exclusive)

The actor also gushed about his wife, Lisa Bonet, and the gift of having a partner who 'loves you through all of it.'

Jason Momoa is gearing up for the highly-anticipated Aquaman sequel and it sounds like it’s going to be epic!

The actor teased a “way bigger” film while talking to ET’s Lauren Zima at the premiere of his upcoming Apple TV + series, See, on Monday night.

“There’s a lot more in store on so many more levels,” Momoa said. “There’s going to be a lot. It’s way bigger!”

Momoa, 40, explained how he had taken his ideas for the sequel to the team at Warner Bros.

“I’m really stoked at the fan base and what we did with the movie and just went into Warner Bros in D.C. and said, ‘You know, I have some ideas,’” he shared. “And, they love them and James [Wan, director] and everyone is like, ‘We’re all taking it in. We’re excited to do another one.’”

The success of the first film was mind-blowing for Momoa, who joked that he had been somewhat in "hiding” for 18 years, until Aquaman saw him burst into the limelight.

The power of being cast in such superhero roles is something he immediately brought up with his step-daughter, Zoe Kravitz, who is preparing to portray Catwoman in The Batman.

“That’s actually the first thing I said to her -- ‘Your life’s going to change,’” Momoa said. “I’ve been hiding for a good solid 18 years and all of a sudden, Aquaman happened and boom! So, that’s the one thing I don’t even know if I’m prepared for -- she’s going to be huge. She’s beautiful, she’s talented. She’s going to kill it and [I’ll be like], ‘Well, welcome to the team baby!’”

Momoa was just as sweet when it came to gushing about his wife, Lisa Bonet, who was by his side at the premiere, looking absolutely stunning.

“I feel like she’s getting younger and I’m getting f***ing older so … hopefully she keeps me!” he laughed, after agreeing she looked amazing.

He also noted how special it was, “having a strong woman standing by your side.”

“We support each other in all of our endeavors, so it’s beautiful to go through so many different challenges in our lives and have a partner that loves you through all of it,” he said.

Aside from having a beautiful, supportive wife; a step-daughter who’s about to blow up with her next role, and a more-than-likely blockbuster Aquaman sequel in the works, Momoa is thrilled to now have his own show.

The series is set in the future, after a virus kills off most of the world and the only humans who survive no longer have sight -- until Momoa’s character, Baba Voss, fathers twins with the ability to see.

“It’s super cool. And, it’s on Apple and it’s like big!” he enthused.

The actor also shared whether his time on hit series, Game of Thrones, had helped prepare him for See.

“There’s a lot of shows that prepared me for GOT and this is just a continuation,” he said. “You know, I never got to fight on GOT, I never got to have babies and then grow old and be married, so this is all the things I never got to exercise.”

“So, I feel like it’s a beautiful moment for this to be able to happen as an actor,” he continued. “A lot of things didn’t really happen [on GOT.] I just fell in love and then I died. I can do more! I can speak English! I can smile!”

See premieres on AppleTV+ on November 1st. See more on Momoa below.