Kevin Hart Fractured His Spine in 3 Places, Has 'a Long Recovery Ahead' Following Car Accident, Source Says

The extent of Kevin Hart's major back injuries following his serious car crash on Sunday is now known.

The extent of Kevin Hart's major back injuries following his serious car crash on Sunday is now known.

As ET previously reported, the 40-year-old comedian was in the passenger seat when he was involved in a car crash in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda at 12:45 a.m., near Calabasas, California. A source now tells ET that Hart fractured his spine in three places.

"He has a long road of recovery ahead but is doing well and [Hart] hopes he will be released from the hospital soon," the source says.

Meanwhile, a second source tells ET that Hart has been "heavily sedated" since undergoing surgery.

"Kevin's spinal injuries are very serious, he sustained several fractures and had no choice but to have surgery as soon as possible," the source says. "Since the surgery he has been heavily sedated. The physicians are doing everything they can to keep him out of pain."

"The family isn't ready to talk about it and want privacy at the moment," the source adds of how the comedian's loved ones are coping. "They also don’t want people to worry, so [his wife] Eniko has put on a strong face and is saying he is doing well, but it’s very serious. He has suffered a great deal and has a long road ahead."

Hart was in a worrisome state after his car crash early Sunday morning, according to a 911 call obtained by ET on Thursday that was placed afterward. A woman tells the 911 operator that Hart had been transported to the house, but she needed someone to come get him due to the state he was in.

"He is not coherent at all," she says.

The caller says he was in an accident earlier that night, but that she doesn't know what happened. She says the accident occurred "outside of our gated community" 20 minutes prior to the call, and that he had received no treatment as of yet.

"We're just here, and he can't move," she says.

The caller does note that he's breathing, and wasn't vomiting or pale and sweaty when asked. However, she does recognize that there is an issue with his back.

"Something on his back is pulling out on his side, I'm not sure," she says.

Eniko was spotted out and about on Monday and gave fans a positive update on her husband.

"He's great," she said in a video obtained by TMZ. "He's going to be just fine. He's good. Everybody's good, thank God."

Eniko's trainer, Rebecca Broxterman, was actually in the car during the accident and suffered no major injuries. Broxterman is engaged to Jared S. Black, who was driving during the accident. According to a press release provided to ET by the California Highway Patrol on Sunday, the car accident occurred when Black turned from Cold Canyon Road onto Mulholland Highway and lost control of the vehicle.

"Black immediately lost control of the vehicle and the Plymouth left the road and rolled over down the northern embankment," the release read, adding that Black, who was "determined not to be under the influence of alcohol," and Broxterman became trapped in the car as a result of the accident. Black was later taken to a nearby hospital.

Hart, meanwhile, "left the scene to his nearby residence to get medical attention," the release stated.

For more on the accident, watch the video below:

-- Reporting by Adriane Schwartz