Kim Kardashian Says Lupus Symptoms Are 'Under Control' After Going on Medication

Kim Kardashian on sept 10
Raymond Hall/GC Images

The reality star opens up on the ‘Today’ show after testing positive for Lupus on ‘KUWTK.’

Kim Kardashian West is working on getting her health back to a good place.

On Sunday’s season premiere episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the mother of four went to get testing done after suffering from unusual symptoms. It was then that she learned her antibodies had tested positive for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Just days after KUWTK aired, Kim made on appearance on the Today show and talked about her treatment following the upsetting diagnosis. 

“We’re going to talk about it next Sunday, but I was able to find an amazing doctor, Doctor Wallace, and we figured out what the problem is,” she shared on Tuesday. “I, unfortunately, had to be put on medication to stop the symptoms. I tried everything natural for the longest time, and we chose the best route for me.”

These days, she’s in a much better place physically but admits that the diagnosis was very hard on her mentally and emotionally. 

“Luckily right now everything’s under control, but autoimmune issues are really scary,” she said. “When you get a diagnosis -- I didn’t realize I would be one of those people -- but before I knew what it was, when it’s really up in the air, you get in your head and you think of every worse possibility of what’s going to happen and how you’re going to live your life. And you really do get into this little depression for a minute. I got myself out of it, but it was really scary to have to go through that.” 

While on Today, Kim also opened up about studying to become a lawyer and just how seriously she’s taking the process. 

“There was a big party last night. We’re here in New York, it’s Fashion Week and I have a test coming up, so I have to stay in and I have to study,” she said. “I love it… I took a test a week ago and my attorneys who are overseeing everything, they said, ‘If I wasn’t sitting here watching you take this test, I would have totally thought you cheated.’ I don’t know if I’m really good under pressure and I logically think about how I would handle something.”

Kim has a lot on her plate. In addition to her schooling, her family's reality show and her many business ventures, she is also mom to four kids, all under the age of six. Kim recently opened up to ET about how her fourth child, 4-month-old son Psalm, has changed her family dynamic. 

“I feel like having four is so much more zen,” she told ET. “I feel really calm and zen. I feel like they all love each other.”

For more from ET's exclusive interview with the 38-year-old reality star, watch the clip below: