'Love Is Blind': A Timeline of Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin's Romance

The couple met and fell in love on season 4 of 'Love Is Blind.'

She was a girl who loves pink and he was a boy who seemed to be struggling to make up his mind. But Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah found each other in the pods on season 4 of Love Is Blind

While Kwame made other connections, the two hit it off and ended up getting engaged. Their romance was tested in the real world thanks to their co-stars, difficult family dynamics, and the need to relocate. But ultimately, these two tied the knot and are still going strong more than a year later. 

In honor of the premiere of the After the Altar special, look back at their love story:


April 2022

The pair met in the pods, though it wasn't necessarily instant sparks. Kwame was shown having multiple connections, the most notable being with fellow contestant Micah Lussier. Though Micah broke up with Kwame for contestant Paul Peden, Kwame seemed visibly upset by the split. He later focused his time and energy on Chelsea, but fans and Chelsea alike grew suspicious when Kwame and Micah met in person in Mexico. The flirty exes raised some eyebrows during a tipsy poolside encounter that left Chelsea questioning her relationship. 

But Kwame assured his fiancée that she had nothing to worry about and the pair moved forward with their relationship. 


May 2022

The couple faced a series of real-world problems including Kwame's mother not approving of their union and Kwame's reluctance to relocate to Seattle to live with Chelsea. However, the pair ultimately said their "I dos" in front of family and friends. 

November 2022

Though Kwame's mother refused to attend their wedding, Chelsea did meet her mother-in-law at Thanksgiving after the show filmed. 

"It was a wonderful first visit. When I was in his sister's home, it was like, 'I'm home,'" she later recalled. 


March 2023

Season 4 of Love Is Blind premiered on Netflix and viewers immediately began forming opinions on the complicated love triangles. Kwame also became the subject of several racist remarks, choosing to call out the comments online. 

"I think it's disgusting that people think it's OK to do this and hide it behind the agenda of just caring about a TV show," he said at the time. "I'm human. I make mistakes, just like you make mistakes. Wrapping that around in bigotry and hate and pushing that agenda is never going to be OK. Cut that out."

April 2023

After the wedding finale, Kwame and Chelsea appeared on the show's reunion special, where Kwame publicly apologized to his wife for his flirtation with Micah. The pair put on a united front during the tense special. 

May 2023

For their one-year anniversary the pair celebrated by adding to Chelsea's engagement ring and picking out some bling for Kwame as well. 

"That makes it Disneyland, Lakers Game, Laguna Beach, FYSEE, and New Rings… Ima keep it 100 baby, I’m not sure we can top this for the next anniversary, but we can try," Kwame wrote on social media. "Eventful week to celebrate a year of KwamSea. Cheers to more life, more love, more everything 🌺"

June 2023

The couple enjoyed a belated honeymoon in Greece and Turkey, sharing pics from their travels. 

August 2023

Chelsea and Kwame opened up to ET about their first year of marriage and the support they've gotten from their season's other couples. 

"We've just celebrated a lot of special times, you know, and relationships are not easy. Marriages are not easy. We've all gone through growing pains at different times," Chelsea told ET, "so having each other to support one another has really been everything."

She added that they are in a "really beautiful, special stage" of marriage.


September 2023

After the Altar premiered with the pair looking stronger than ever. 

All four seasons of Love Is Blind and After the Altar are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 5 of Love Is Blind premieres Sept. 22.