'Love Is Blind' Star SK Breaks His Silence on Raven Cheating Allegations, Makes Accusations Against Her

Though SK Alagbada apologized to Raven Ross, he also accused her of talking to other guys while they were in a committed relationship.

Weeks after Raven Ross spoke publicly about the cheating allegations surrounding her ex fiancé, SK Alagbada, SK is now breaking his silence to share his side of the story.

The couple first got engaged on season 3 of Love Is Blind and SK shocked viewers in the show's finale when he turned down Raven at the altar. But in the reunion special, the former couple announced that they had rekindled their romance. Then during the After the Altar special, SK proposed a second time, only to have Raven give fans a tearful update, claiming SK had cheated on her months later.

In a new interview with People, SK, whose take on the situation wasn't featured during After the Altar, breaks his silence on the cheating allegations and on his relationship with Raven.

"I do want to deeply express my sincere apology to Raven for the hurt and embarrassment that I caused her," he tells the magazine. "I'm not proud of how I conducted myself. I conducted myself in a way that's making me take a step back and reflect."

But SK maintains that he was single when he reached out to the women who came forward on TikTok accusing him of cheating. The Nigerian-born reality star adds that he comes from a polygamous family, but notes, "It is not the kind of lifestyle that I subscribe to and I never will."


He adds that though he felt he was a "single guy" while vacationing with other women, "there was an incident of me having an inappropriate conversation with this woman sometime in the fall. I believe it was around September of [2022], which is completely inappropriate. Didn't end up happening, but... I feel like I shouldn't even have had that kind of conversation with someone."

SK also claims that while he and Raven were trying to make their relationship work, "there were things that happened during the course of that relationship that also caused a lot of hurt and heartbreak for me."

He accuses Raven of revealing that an ex was still in the picture for her while they were filming the Netflix series, claiming, "This was the primary reason why our onscreen chemistry was kind of off, and I think the audience could sense that."

Raven denies SK's allegation to People, saying, "We all spoke about exes in the pods, it was part of the expedited process to talk about our pasts."

SK also accuses Raven of "dating an older successful guy" prior to their relationship and claimed that the Pilates instructor "continued to be in communication with this older guy" during filming and throughout their relationship.

"I personally witnessed incidents of communication between her and this older guy — whether him still blowing up her phone, trying to call or FaceTime her, or even a text message that talked about the possibility of them having kids together," SK claims. "He said that. And that communication went on until late summer after a time when Raven and I were seriously committed to be exclusive in a relationship."


Raven again denies SK's claim to People, calling it "completely untrue."

SK adds that he felt they were "not aligned" throughout the course of their relationship, noting that Raven prioritized her business and career over settling down and having a family.

"I was stunned, and I was like, 'What about us? Where do we fall in this whole short-term picture?'" SK recalls of an alleged conversation with his ex, saying he wished he'd "ended things at the time," and adding, "I blame no one but myself."

Of proposing to Raven a second time amid their supposed relationship struggles, SK claims that he "felt quite uncomfortable" about proposing on the show the second time and adds, "I really did ask them to take it out," calling Love Is Blind, "a very well-professionally produced and edited TV show that's optimized for audience engagement."

"The way the proposal was presented and all that wasn't any different from that," he says.


He also claims to be "really surprised" by Raven's tearful follow-up scene in which she spoke about their split and accused him of cheating on her. SK claims that they both initially decided not to give their on-camera responses to the special, alleging that they didn't want to "make an already-messy situation even messier, and just keep our personal private business away from being dramatized."

He also alleges that when the cheating allegations first arose in November 2022, Raven seemed more focused on how they would impact her business and brand.

"For me, I was like, 'Damn, can we grieve? Can we go through this and try to figure this out as a couple?' But for her, it was like, 'No, you have to do something, you have to make this stop. It's affecting me, it's affecting the business,'" SK claims of Raven.  

Prior to SK's recent claims, ET spoke with Raven about the cheating allegations against her ex. Noting she found out about the allegations on TikTok with "the rest of the world," Raven said, "This was all happening and we're sharing a space and going about our day-to-day lives, so we've had a lot of communication. Unfortunately, we weren't able to communicate enough to get past it. And I think as much as in the moment I wanted it to work, it was just a level of trust and you just gotta be realistic about your expectations of your partner and be realistic about respect in your relationship."

Love Is Blind: After the Altar and all of season 3 are currently streaming on Netflix.