Mandy Moore Shares a Regrettable Red Carpet Flashback: 'Don't Dye Your Eyebrows'

Mandy Moore 2001

Everyone has those moments when we look at old photos and go "Oh, no!" -- even Mandy Moore.

The This Is Us star took to Instagram on Friday to share a regrettable red carpet photo from the Original Sin movie premiere in Los Angeles in 2001. In the pics, Moore, now 34, rocks a sheer top over a black bra, blue jeans, an oversized belt and carries a Burberry purse.  

"Rolling into the weekend like..... #fbf #dontdyeyoureyebrows #2001," Moore captioned the flashback pics.

The photos caught the attention of her former Walk to Remember co-star Shane West, who commented, "This. Is. Everything." Moore replied, "It was right after 'Walk' and I went blonde again and my poor bangs," adding four smiley faces.

Mandy Moore 2001
Mandy Moore 2001
Vince Bucci/Getty Images

It's been a while fans have seen Moore in her full blonde "Candy" look. However, she does like to change up her style every now and then. 

Earlier this year, Moore shared her best beauty tricks. "My skin is super sensitive, and having to wear makeup every day, especially the old-age makeup on the show, is really hard," she told New Beauty magazine. "I try to get a lot of sleep, drink water and wear sunscreen -- all the cardinal rules of skin care. I'm not a particularly big drinker, so that helps because I don’t have to contend with completely dehydrating my skin."

"If I'm going about my day or if I have a day off then I use moisturizer, sunscreen, maybe a little bit of Wonderglow and some clear eyebrow gel," she added. "I usually add a pop of color to my lips -- that’s sort of my go-to. It makes me feel instantly polished without having to go through a whole routine. Just keeping it really simple, that is important to me."

Get more of Moore's beauty tips and secrets in the video below.


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