Matty Healy's Mom Denise Welch Addresses Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets Department' Songs

The actress addressed Swift's album during an episode of the UK talk show 'Loose Women.'

Taylor Swift's latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, has been making waves since its release last week. Fans are buzzing about possible references to The 1975's frontman, Matty Healy. Amid the speculation, Denise Welch, Healy's mother, has weighed in on the narrative.

During an episode of the U.K. talk show Loose Women, host Nadia Sawalha broached the topic with Welch, asking, "Taylor Swift has a new album out, have you heard it?" Welch jokingly responded, "I wasn't aware she had an album out at all. I haven't heard anything about it. Anyway, I wish her all the best."

Healy himself recently broke his silence regarding Swift's album. When approached by paparazzi, he commented, "I haven't really listened to that much of it, but I'm sure it's good."

Since the release of TTPD, fans have speculated that several songs on the album are about Healy. That was a surprise to many Swifties, given that the singers were only romantically linked for about a month following Swift's six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn.


The title track of Swift's album is believed to be about Healy. In the song, Swift sings, "You left your typewriter at my apartment / Straight from the tortured poets department / I think some things I never say / Like, 'Who uses a typewriter anyway?'"

That line points to Healy thanks to a past video interview he did with GQ, during which he said, "It's not that there's any kind of like, romance to having a notebook, but I really like typewriters, as well. I don't have one with me because that is really impractical, but the thing is with typewriters and writing on pen to paper, there's kind of an element of like commitment that goes with the ceremony of it. Therefore, it requires you to concentrate a bit better."

Swift's songs "But Daddy I Love Him," "Fresh Out the Slammer," "Guilty As Sin?," "I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)" and "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" are also believed to be about Healy.

Alwyn did appear to influence the album too, most notably on "So Long, London" and "The Black Dog." Also part of TTPD is Swift's newest beau, Travis Kelce, whom Swift appears to sing about on "So High School" and "The Alchemy."

"Travis is so supportive of the entire album and loves that he is a part of Taylor's story," a source told ET in the wake of TTPD's release. "He is a Swiftie through and through, and is very proud of her." 

The source added of Swift, "Expressing herself through her music has always been therapeutic for Taylor. It gives an outlet to move forward, feel empowered and turn her experiences into art."