Mayim Bialik Reunites With 'Blossom' Dad Ted Wass in 'Call Me Kat' Finale: See the Photos (Exclusive)

Julia Sweeney also guest stars in the season's final episode.

The Blossom reunion on Call Me Kat has come full circle. Ted Wass, who played Mayim Bialik's father on the '90s sitcom, will reunite with his TV daughter on the season 2 finale of her Fox comedy, and only ET has the exclusive first look photos at the sweet reunion. 

On Call Me Kat, Wass plays Harley, Kat's late father who appears in a dream sequence.

The actor is the latest Blossom star to reunite with Bialik. In the season 2 premiere, the actress' former co-stars -- Joey Lawrence, Jenny von Oy and Michael Stoyanov -- all appeared as themselves.

Also appearing in the finale is guest star Julia Sweeney, who plays Dr. Green. Kat has a session with the therapist, but proves to be a challenging patient.

See ET's exclusive photos below.


Bialik, Lawrence, von Oy and Stoyanov sat down with ET to discuss their small-screen reunion and addressed the potentially in-the-works Blossom reboot.

"Don Reo, who created Blossom, he and I have actually formulated something that we would like to do with this cast," Bialik shared with ET while on the Call Me Kat set. "Not a strict comedy. That's something he and I have been working on for several years, and I guess for us being able to be together [again on Call Me Kat] and see how easy it still is for us to interact is empowering for me and Don, to be able to say like, 'Wow, we really think there's something here.'"

"We think that the show's so iconic as such a classic sitcom, we think that it would be a really wonderful opportunity to say yes, but also real life happens to these people," she added, noting that it would be an opportunity to "turn the notion of a reboot on its head." "So that's something [Reo] and I have been working on, and we hope to gain more attention for it now that the four of us clearly like to be together still."

If and when Blossom 2.0 comes to fruition, Bialik's old castmates are ready to sign on the dotted line.

"My agent has already accepted their first offer," Stoyanov quipped. "I'm just that excited. I was like, 'Whatever it is, just say yes.'" Added Lawrence, "I'm in, I'm in."

The season 2 finale of Call Me Kat airs Thursday, May 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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