Megan Fox Responds to Critics Over Posting Her Nail Tech's GoFundMe Instead of Paying for It Herself

The actress' nail tech asked the actress to share the GoFundMe page to support her father's cancer treatment.

Megan Fox is not here for the haters. The 37-year-old Johnny & Clyde actress took to her Instagram Story on Thursday to set the record straight after she received criticism for her decision to post the link to her nail tech's GoFundMe page instead of offering to pay the $60,000 request herself. 

"Hey weirdos," the mother of three began her message, "Do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that maybe Brit doesn't want her celebrity clients donating large sums of money to her because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable?"

Fox went on to add that the nail tech asked her to post the GoFundMe link in the hopes that her many followers might be able to donate small amounts. 

"I just obliged her request," Fox continued. "Anything she needs from me personally she will ask and I will do it privately. One thing you're not going to accuse me of is being miserly or lacking generosity. So try again another day (probably tmwr!) with some different bulls**t you bunch of psychos." 

Fox posted the GoFundMe link on her account earlier this week, sharing that her friend's father had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and writing, "If you guys are able to help please do." 

The goal was originally $30,000, but has since been increased to $60,000. Fox received criticism for not footing the bill herself. 

So far, a little more than $8,000 has been donated toward the goal. 

Fox has been standing up for herself online a lot recently. After stepping out with her on-off fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, in an eye-popping see-through gown, Fox wrote on her Instagram, "Before you start angrily typing- those are not my nipples, calm down. they are safely and completely hidden under nipple covers so no worries, we will all live another day without a rip in the space-time continuum."