Miley Cyrus Had a 'Crazy' Near-Death Experience on Her Flight to the Glastonbury Festival

Miley Cyrus at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival
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As it turns out, air travel can be just as big a nightmare for the rich and famous as it is for us common folk.

Recently, Miley Cyrus flew out to the U.K. for the Glastonbury music festival, and was joined on the flight by her family, her management team and her band. However, the trip apparently didn't go off without a hitch.

According to Miley's older sister, Brandi Cyrus, everything was going fine until it came time to land, at which point the experience got dicey.

"Our plane tried to land twice and had to come back up because there were other planes in our way," Brandi recounted to co-host Wells Adams during the latest episode of their podcast, Your Favorite Thing.

"Out of nowhere, as we're landing, we swoop back up and like bang to the left and turn. It feels crazy," she recalled, adding that her mom, Tish Cyrus, and her sister are "very nervous fliers, and when they get nervous they just feed off of each other, and just make each other more nervous."

"They just start losing their minds," she recalled. "And even though I'm scared, I was like, 'Someone has to be level headed here'… so, Miley's in my lap, my mom's holding my hand across the aisle... and nobody is telling us what's going on."

After a full five minutes of terror, Brandi said she could tell that they'd basically flown right back to altitude, and that's when the passengers were told what had happened.

"They finally come back and tell us, 'No need to panic but somebody was in our lane in the sky and we were going to hit them,'" she recalled. "That's terrifying to think about."

Brandi said that they then tried to descend again after circling the runway for 10 minutes, and, "The same frickin' thing happens!"

"My mom starts crying and goes, 'If we die, Noah is gonna be alone' and freaking out. I'm trying to hold it together for everybody," she shared. "It was really crazy."

Luckily for all of those on board, and all of Miley's fans, the plane did eventually land successfully, and the "Mother's Daughter" songstress went on to rock the Glastonbury Festival with one wildly raunchy performance, proving that even near-death experiences can't put her off her game.


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