Matt Bomer Responds to '50 Shades' Petition

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The months-long search to find two actors who could properly inhabit Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele came to an end this past Monday when Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were officially cast in the 50 Shades of Grey feature film.

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But before the ink could even dry on their contracts, fans launched a petition to get Hunnam and Johnson replaced with two "more suitable" actors: Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel.

As of this morning, 40,000 people had signed the petition posted to It reads: "Matt Bomer is the PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF CHRISTIAN GREY AND ALEXIS BLEDEL IS THE PERFECT ACTRESS TO REPRESENT ANASTASIA STEELE and if THEY ARE NOT, NOBODY WILL BE And I read the whole trilogy and I can assure that Matt is the perfect actor for this movie and Alexis too. So please PLEASE, all of the GREYsessed and Bomerettes in the world NEED those actors. They always will be for us the Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. WE CAN DO ANYTHING GUYS, ANYTHING."

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ETonline caught up with Bomer this morning to talk about the October 17 fifth season premiere of White Collar and, naturally, had to get his take on the hubbub. "I'm so grateful for the fans and touched," Bomer tells ETonline exclusively. "I'm looking forward to seeing the movie with Charlie and Dakota."

So while 50 fans won't get to see Bomer crack the whip, they will get to see a slightly naughtier version of his White Collar character, Neal Caffrey, in season five!

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"We're definitely embracing more of a bad boy version of Neal this year," Bomer tells me. "Neal's starting to realize that he doesn't have to be a good boy all the time and that maybe not doing the right thing is what he's best at."

You can check out Bomer in action when White Collar premieres October 17 at 9 p.m. on USA. But until then, enjoy this sneak peek!

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