'Catching Fire' Cast: The Stakes Are Much Higher


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast excitedly premiered the film in London on Monday, November 11, where they dished that when it comes to the highly anticipated sequel, everything is indeed bigger and better.

"Everything is much bigger, everything is more intensified," Jennifer Lawrence said. "They're back in the Games, and everything inside and out of the arena ... the stakes are much higher."

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"The whole story just gets bumped up a lot," Josh Hutcherson added. "I think in so many ways, the story really takes off and in the beginning -- the first Hunger Games -- is really about the Games itself, and this one becomes so much more about the politics of it all, and really about how these characters interact with their new environment around them."

Liam Hemsworth especially praised Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence, who took over after Gary Ross' 2012 take on the first installment in the franchise.

"Francis Lawrence -- hats off to him, he's such a great director," Hemsworth said. "He's so well-researched. And you know, he's brought a broader scope to the film. You see more of the Capitol, and more of the districts, and we've got a whole new Hunger Games arena, which is very exciting."

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Check out the video to hear newcomers Sam Claflin and Jena Malone talk about the "overwhelming" experience of a Hunger Games premiere, as well as Hutcherson on what makes Katniss the perfect heroine!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters November 22.