Kate Upton (And Her Boobs) Always Get Their Way


Kate Upton knows how to get exactly what she wants by using her assets in this exclusive clip from The Other Woman. Her character Amber speaks Swedish and flaunts off her boobs in order to bypass the security man with Kate, played by Leslie Mann.

Amber takes one for the team as the two women outsmart the security guard with a couple distractions. By the end of it, the security guard wants to visit Sweden and go on a reindeer ride.

The Other Woman tells the story of Carly, Cameron Diaz, who discovers that her boyfriend is married to Kate and if that's not enough drama, the two women then discover that Amber is his mistress. The three women are out to seek revenge, and the funny trio make this comedy a must-see.

The comedy which also stars Nicki Minaj in her first acting role comes to Blu-ray & DVD on Tuesday, July 29.

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