Exclusive! James Marsden's Cuddle Session Gets Interrupted by a Killer Bear in 'Into the Grizzly Maze'

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Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with James Marsden? He looks like a real-life Disney prince and seems like the type of guy who would whisper sweet nothings into your ear. (See: Enchanted and The Notebook for evidence.) We wouldn’t think twice about sharing a sleeping bag with him on a camping trip.

Well, this clip from his new movie is making us think twice about it.

The exclusive look at Into the Grizzly Maze finds Marsden’s character creeping into a tent with Michaela McManus. Everything is going swoon-worthily...until a killer bear attacks!

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Thankfully, Marsden has some action training in addition to all the romance stuff, courtesy of playing a mutant in a handful of X-Men films. We love a good thriller where nature fights back. And the more ridiculous the vengeance is, the better. So a blood-thirsty bear stalking a bunch of campers is right up our alley.

The movie also stars Thomas Jane as Marsden’s estranged brother, Billy Bob Thornton, and Piper Perabo from Coyote Ugly, and was directed by David Hackl (who cut his chops in the industry working on the Saw movies and directed the fifth installment -- who even knew there were five Saw movies?)

Vertical Entertainment

Into the Grizzly Maze
is out on VOD today and in theaters June 26. If you want to do some Grizzly hunting of your own, there’s a first person shooter app for that -- “3D Hunting: Grizzly Maze” is available in your respective app store too.

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