EXCLUSIVE: 'Captain America' Star Anthony Mackie Takes Over ET's Interview With Sebastian Stan and It's Hilari

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If Anthony Mackie ever gets bored of being a bigtime movie star, he could certainly have a career as a red carpet interviewer.

The Marvel hero dropped in on ET's interview with Sebastian Stan at the premiere of Captain America: Civil War at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and the 37-year-old star was pure charisma.

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"You ever see a guy this handsome walking the streets?" Mackie joked with ET's Carly Steel. "He's gonna get arrested 'cause he's killin' all the ladies. Look at that! Pow, pow!"

Mackie soon managed to get the mic from Steel, and proceeded to interview his co-star like a pro.

"So what are you wearing tonight?" Mackie bantered with Stan. "That's a little black on blue on grey on black. I like that."

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He quickly picked up on proper mic handling tactics and basic field questions, and even kept Stan from moving on down the press line with subtle grace. Clearly, Mackie has learned a thing or two from the bevy of premiere interviews he's done since joining the Marvel Universe.

"Oh my god, I'm out of a job! Thanks a lot!" Steel joked after Mackie wrapped up his interview and feigned a classic mic drop.

Check out more of the charm and chemistry between the Captain America stars when the action epic explodes into theaters May 6.

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